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The less that you know about me, the better. The Internet is a dangerous place, and I shall be a lesson to all of you young ones. I am NOT an Internet stalker, but there are some out there. Do not think that because the TOS says that you can't stalk on this site doesn't mean that people won't. Be cautious, carefully tuck your pack in its right place, and listen to the sounds of the night.


Writing in this century has decreased so much that it is rather disgusting. I am sick of this, therefore, I am creating a writing academy, on a forum. Anyone can join, but few actually become writers. I do not have any stories up, but trust me, my writing is spectacular, as I am a true author. I cannot give ouit my penname, nor name over the Internet, but trust me, I know how to write. Please visit, and let me open the doors of imagination, exploration, and the sun, moon, and stars to your eyes. You won't regret it.

May the world continue to spin; may we all be able to fly o're the hills above, run the longest race, and be able to leap to the stars in Heaven.

If writing is work, you are not doing something right. Write with feeling, emotion, your fingertips are the windows to your imagination. Open the windows, and let the clean air through. Stop letting the smoke of the dreary world cloud your view, take a deep breath, and smell the rain of the blue skies. Feel it, taste it,

Live it.