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Update as of May 2021 - There are people/"agents" from several "publishing" companies - i.e. Novelstar, Novelcat, Kongfubooks, etc etc going around spamming stories with bogus reviews that are really just desperate solicitations to try to get people to use their platforms. DO NOT USE THESE PLATFORMS. Real/legit publishers will not contact you this way, much less spam your reviews, or send you DMs. This has happened across various sites, not just this one. i've recieved several reviews and DMs from all 3 of the spammers listed above. They will spam anywhere - FFN, FP, A03, Tapas, Booksie, Goodreads, etc etc.

Update as of Apr 2021... I made the decision to change my handle. Back when I came up with the handle that included the word ‘cult’, I thought the resulting username was pretty cute and harmless because, strawberries! However, last year I watched Leah Remini’s series on Netflix about Scientology. Even though I knew Scientology was fucked up, I was just stunned by what I learned on that show, and now no longer feel so lightly or comedically about the word ‘cult’, and after months of deliberation, decided that my username needed to be changed as well. So I am now StrawberryCatBeans, because there’s nothing offensive or dangerous or triggering about strawberries, or cat beans. At least, not unless you’re allergic to strawberries or cats, but that’s no one’s fault :)


It has just become 2021 and... well, the last time I updated my profile, it was pre-COVID, so I guess it's time for a update! I don't think I can say much that hasn't already been said about COVID and other shit that has happened in 2020. As an essential worker, I've seen some of that batshittery close-up, and how much of an asshole some people can be to others. I myself got hit by COVID, and even though I am essentially better, my sense of smell and taste still have not come back fully and I have the occasional memory issue. I suppose I should be glad I didn't end up on a ventilator, but it's still disconcerting and in many cases, COVID causes lingering/long-term issues even in those people who seemed to only have mild symptoms.

Please wear face masks, wash your hands, practice social distancing, etc etc. You never know if you, or someone else, will end up with a more severe case of COVID, or be one of the unfortunates that suffer long-lasting/lifetime effects. This shit is fucking serious.

I'm continuing to work on my writing - whether it be novels, fanfiction, or otherwise, when I'm not at my job. I managed to release my fifth novel, Khthonios (available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle, and at Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Apple Store, Kobo, etc etc in e-book form. I am currently working on Moonshadows and Tapestry, my sixth and seventh novels respectively. Moonshadows is a fantasy novel, and Tapestry is a collection of short stories set in the same universe as Seeds/Worthy of Love/Khthonios, but based off various myths from around the world, not just Greece and Rome. I am also working on some science fiction and horror, though there's not much I can say about these projects yet.

I know 2020 has been rough on plenty of people, and there will be difficulties in 2021 I am sure, but let's all hope - and try - to make it a better year. Fingers crossed, knock on wood, and all that jazz.


Oh wow, is it seriously 2020 already??? I guess it's time for an update then...?

Let's see. Still writing, though mainly focused on original works now rather than fanfiction. I have 4 novels published, and as if this date (Jan 2) I have a book slated for release later this year - my fifth book, Khthonios. Moonshadows was also finished and is currently being edited and refined for publication. The seventh book in my lineup will be a collection of stories based off various folklore and mythology around the world, to be titled Tapestry.

I'm still doing a bit of fanfic here and there, and 'The Conqueror', 'Memories of Dune', and 'The Sky's the Limit' will be updated as my muse allows, or I might do a new oneshot or short story here and there, who knows? My muse is a finicky thing.

I would also like to thank all fans - former, current, fanfic readers, novel readers, etc, for all your support. Without you, I would not be here. Here's to a new, and better, decade for us and the world.


I am well aware that most of the links are not working. The idiots of FFN/FP have decided to blacklist nearly the entire Internet, so that you can't even post links (or even URLs for people to copy and paste!) and there's nothing I or others can do about it. FFN claims it is to combat spam, but it's a heavy-handed and idiotic move. Currently, the only links that actually work are the ones to my Facebook and Fanfiction. The rest, you will have to Google for, sorry.

To find my books, just Google M.M. Kin with the words Smashwords, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. You can find more information on these books as well as author updates at my Facebook, and I also have a Tumblr at mmkin dot tumblr dot com, as well as an author Goodreads with the same name, I use these sites to post author announcements.

I am a reader and reviewer as well, writing and publishing reviews for authors (including indie writers!) on Goodreads. I go by MM Strawberry Library and Reviews, and my ID number on Goodreads is 12558730. If you're an author looking for someone to review, go ahead and DM me at GR, or if you're a GR member looking for friends and want to connect me, then go ahead and send me a friend add! (I'm much more active on this account than I am my author's GR)


I have other archives for writing, depending on what it is... Uncut versions of my Zutara stories, plus a couple of smutfics exclusive to AFFN, can be found here at Adult-fanfiction dot org. I do NOT post any lemon scenes on, per FFN's policy regarding mature material.

Original works and poetry can be found at my Fictionpress

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a story is worth a thousand images – M.M. Kin

Hello, readers! I am StrawberryCatBeans. A bit about me - I am an eccentric who has a fetish for tomato soup, toesocks, and world domination.

I like the TV shows Avatar (Airbender and Korra) Desperate Housewives, CSI/Law & Order, Gargoyles, Yu Yu Hakusho, Tiger and Bunny, Buffy/Angel, Venture Bros. I also like a lot of movies, mainly histfic and science fiction (which are also my two favorite book genres)

Books I enjoy are Anne Rice (before Blood Canticle, anyhow), V.C. Andrews (not the tripe that her ghostwriter churns out), Strangers in Paradise, Lady Death, Mega Man, Cyborg 009, Kabuki, Sailormoon, Osamu Tezuka's works (check out Buddha, Phoenix, and Ode to Kirihito) A Song of Ice and Fire, Frank Herbert's Dune series (and none of that 'new' Dune shit by Brian/Kevin) as well as his non-Dune books, Robert A. Heinlein - my favorites being the Past Through Tomorrow, Time Enough for Love, and A Stranger in a Strange Land. Other authors I enjoy are L.M. Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables and Blue Castle) and a whole bunch of other stuff. I read a LOT, as I will read almost anything as long as its well written.

I'm also a big fan of old-school style video games. Forget X-Box, PS2/3, Wii, Gamecube, and all that newfangled crap. I'll stick with Atari, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Sega Genesis. My favorite games are Tetris, Super Mario Brothers (For the NES/SNES) the Legend of Zelda Series (up to and including Ocarina of Time) the Final Fantasy series (FFI-VI, and I recommend the GBA updates of these titles), Megaman (NES/SNES) and the Sonic the Hedgehog series (just the Genesis ones, before the Sonicverse went to crap with its clusterfuck of recolors)

Would you believe that my very first fanfiction was a Sailormoon one? Yeah, when I was a preteen, I went through a weeaboo phase. I grew out of it, though. Since then, I've deleted some fanfictions that have long since been purged and will never again see the light of day. I have come a long way since then. Among my current projects is Moonshadows, a original romance/fantasy novel inspired by my distaste for classic cliches and tropes that are overused and abused in fiction. I still have a few fanfics going, but mainly focus on my original works as I am now a published novelist with four books to my name.

A Very Important Note about my Guide... 'Spleef's Guide to Being Evil' was published WAAAAY back in 2002 on my website, which is now long since dead, and then on , which is now also defunct. I have gone through many of the chapters, tweaking, polishing off, etc. I will not be posting chapters by order, as some later chapters are done, and some have yet to be fleshed out or written. So don't be worried if you can't find a chapter - it is not yet up. I will try to post more chapters in a timely manner.

This Guide was written entirely by me, and when I had my own site, there was also a contributor-based part that basically consisted of ideas and tips provided by people who emailed me, and were accordingly credited. I cannot post that here, as these tips were written by my fans, and not myself. However, I will be using some of these tips. To those of you who were around to contribute or read that Tip List, could you tell me a good place where I could host that, and link here?

When I had this on my site, I had pictures accompanying the Guide to add to the pleasure of reading it. I am unable to do that here, though I may post a pictures-included version to my new homepage. I hope you enjoy what you read, and please leave feedback! Also, as I still consider my Guide an WIP (Work in Progress/unfinished), I will be welcoming suggestions, ideas for what should be added and feedback on chapters that are already up here. Really. :)

If for any reason you ever want to contact me, feel free to do so at cultofstrawberry AT gmail DOT com. Don't send me PMs... seriously. The email I actually use is different than the one I use for this FP account, so if you send me a PM, I might not read it for months. If you want a guaranteed response, E-MAIL ME. I cannot stress this enough..

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