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Writing is my therapy, and a damn sight cheaper than paying for a shrink or a drug habit. I would love to write a lot more than I get the chance to. However, life gets in the way and as I now have a full time job, I don't seem to get enough time to write. The opportunities to stay up until 4am writing have sadly come to an end. As you can see my portfolio is vast. Haha. That is because I am highly critical of my own work and it takes me ages and numerous re-writes to accept that something is even decent. Hopefully though, you will see it slowly growing.

A bit about moi: I am a History and American Studies graduate, who had always written. I have always loved writing and I love reading, they go hand in hand in my opinion. I also have a strong liking for photography, travel, dancing, singing (badly but I do it anyway) and having fun. I also love driving. Second to writing, it is my way of escaping. Sometimes, I even prefer it to writing. I love travelling; seeing the world and experiencing new things. I have seen certain parts and loved them. I want to expand my horizons once more.

Anyway, I currently have four stories up. Three stories have lesbian themes, the fourth is a darker piece that was written in one brief sitting. Sometimes your mind just goes to that place. Reviews are always appreciated. If there is something you don't like, tell me and I can learn from it. I believe people only improve on their creative outputs when attention is placed on their weakness'. Also, positive comments make me happy and smiley. I like being happy and smiley.

Just A Friendly Kiss: Complete
She said it was a friendly kiss but it was so much more. When jealousy rears its head, the consequences can be devastating. A quick one-shot written from an idea that just popped into my head. A little angsty, and the style is something that I haven't tried before, but I think it is quite effective.

It All Seemed So Easy: Complete
There was Emily, who was with Beth. Then she met Nell and it made her all confused. But that doesn't matter, because the universe has ways of screwing you over regardless, in a way you could never imagine, throwing everything into a spin. An on-going piece that seems to be taking over my brain at the moment. It appears to be a run of the mill couple fic, but hopefully you will find that it isn't. When I said the universe has a way of screwing you over, I meant it.

Encounter: Complete
A young woman looking for an escape, finding solace in a bright room behind a door in a desolate street. This was a quick one shot, written in about an hour or so. When I started it, it was going to be a bit darker than it turned out to be. However, as I was writing, it seemed to progress down the course it took naturally and was altogether a slightly happier piece.

This Picture: Complete
It had been 27 days since she had left her apartment but she was now ready to move on and let go. One shot, dark themes. This again was a quickie. I was listening to a particular sombre song and the words just seemed to flow. I don't think I intended for it to be as dark, but there are times when your brain just goes into those corners.

Coming Soon: Untitled Nine years older, but any wiser? Nell discovers that just because everything else seems to be falling into place, there is always one area in your life that will bite you on the ass.

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It had been 27 days since she had left her apartment but she was now ready to move on and let go. One shot, dark themes. Written in 2011 but only just being published now.
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She said it was a friendly kiss but it was so much more. When jealousy rears its head, the consequences can be devastating. This is slight fem slash, nothing explicit, but if you don't like it, don't read. R&R Please.
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