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Penname.TwentySomething Stomach makes weird noises that can't be controlled. Wishes for easy times but then erases those wishes at 11:11 because the hardest things to get are the best kind. Loves that millisecond you're in the air and feeling like you're flying when you jump off the swing like a little kid. Grew upwatching planes and loving the feeling of pastels gliding on paper. Still cloud-watches. Hopeful cynic. Counts stars. Innocent and a little insecure. Likes to think of "the line" as being more dotted than fine. Believes it all happens for a reason (and begs for that reason to be worth it). Believes in words too much. Believes in everything too much. Trusts feelings, not thoughts.

I'm scared of being right and I'm scared of losing it. You know, that thing that you have that makes you hold on to everything--your writing, your family, your friends.

I think they call it hope.
Or faith.
Maybe both.

But it's not up to me.

The hottest love has the coldest end.


Snapshots - The evolution of love between a girl who didn't believe in it and a boy who didn't believe in himself. A series of drabbles.

Of Spades— When Zach, Andrew and Cade come back to Doling Boarding School, they don't see anything different in their lives. They have each other and a carpe diem attitude, intending on spending their 7th year creating as much havoc as possible. But when a transfer student, Mae Morgan comes to Doling with a dangerous secret and rooms with Cade's childhood friend Camille, their world is turned upside down. Cade and Mae grow into a love/hate relationship; Andrew, Zach and Camille all slowly feel the effects of an all-knowing government seeping into their safe world and the five of them are about to learn--so reluctantly--that we all have to grow up sometime. Set in a futuristic North America, peppered with schoolboy humor, inappropriate antics and a realistic level of romance that won't make you gag on the fluff of it all. Call it a coming of age tale, call it ridiculous, call it outrageous, but call it like it is: teenage years.

Graduation Day: a poem I wrote about graduation. Nothing much, just a little something. I typed it up exactly the way I wrote it down that night, so even if there are improvements that I see I could have made, I'm not going to correct it because it takes away from the authenticity of the poem and how I felt that night. I normally edit my poems but this one I didnt feel right about editing, so i just left it.

Here I'll Stand: a poem I wrote for a contest; just a little something, a bit existential now that I look back on it, but whatever, you can be the judge.

The Takes: Snapshots of whatever the hell pops into my day to day activities. Life's a movie. Take one. Or two. Or three. Or five. Or ten. Action.

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