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Hey all! As you all know, I'm eplipswich. I have written a story based on one of my favourite games: Little Fighter 2, but with a big twist. Because this story not only includes original characters from the famous Little Fighter 2, but also some characters from Little Fighter Online and a number of custom Little Fighter 2 characters created by other fans out there. As of this writing (15/1/07) I will have completed 8 chapters at the moment and more to come. But the story will come 3 days later because I..well..just registered. But when the 3-day waive is over... hope you all enjoy the story _ I will update the profile again when the 3-day waive is up.

Comments and critics are always welcome. Oh, and before i forget, the name of this story is Little Fighter 2 - The New Generation

Okay now for my profile. I guess i ought to reveal my true name. It doesn't hurt, does it?

- My name is Pang Lu Gene (aka eplipswich/epleeds/epleedsipwich)(Some people miscall my real name for Eugene but i don't really mind...good to have a christian name lol...)(And for those who think eplipswich is too long or too hard to type/pronounce, you can always call me ep or eplip).

- I'm a Singaporean.

- Have high inspiration of writing (especially this story)

- eplipswich the name was actually the combination of EPL and Ipswich (back in the 2000/2001 EPL season...yeah it's that long...and I'm pretty sure you can figure out what's epleeds and epleedsipswich :p) So now you know!

- Still looking for a relationship (I prefer girls with cute personality and...decently pretty of course..no need be too pretty...just decent)

- Likes anime (currently watching Bleach and Kanon 2006)(Also got into anime not too long ago)

- Knows some Japanese (My Japanese actually improved thanks to animes :p)

- Going to National Service soon (sianz..)

- Likes sports and computer games (though my heavy interest in computer games is starting to drop...now i just play when for the fun of it)

- Proficient in Maths (yeah E and Add Maths :P)

Okay that's pretty much my profile. I do hope readers will enjoy my story once it is uploaded. :)

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