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My name is Shiko Hitajiya. Or Hitajiya Shiko, as it's said in Japan. I'm a nineteen year old freshman at Texas A&M University. If you partially judge your fictionpress stories by their grammar, then you've met the right person. Anything and everything I post will be written as though I'm a professional author. Well, grammar-wise, that is. Personally, although this may be a bit judgmental, I think that bad grammar ruins an otherwise perfectly good story. Well anyway. I've had a fanfiction account for quite some time, and for reasons that will remain totally unknown (freaking parental controls!! -growls menacingly-) I haven't been able to access this site. But now, due to my somewhat intelligent little brother, I can.

A little bit about me. you even care? Ah, well. Nearly all of my stories will be fantasy, maybe some romance (still haven't decided). Lately, I've definitely been inspired by the romance book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. AMAZING BOOK!! Every single girl reading this needs to go out and buy it NOW if you haven't already!! Holy crap, I don't even like romance that much, but this book was freaking amazing!! Every person I've lent it to (or told to read it) hasn't been able to put it down until they were finished!! Speaking of...once you do read it and love it and obsess over it, don't get too excited about the sequel. It pretty much sucks. Edward (for those of you who know...and for those of you who will definitely find out eventually!) is only in less than half of the book. sigh Whatever. Ignore that one and just focus on Twilight. Anyway, I haven't suggested it to guys because I'm afraid they'll hate it and be like "Shiko, you're utterly retarded for liking this." But whatever...

Enough ranting about the awesomely awesome book.

I also played clarinet in the marching band at my high school, and I still play in concert band. And this fall, I'll be teaching beginning piano lessons in a music studio...which I'm extremely excited about!! I just received my black belt in Tae Kwon Do. My favorite anime show in the entire FREAKING world is Fullmetal Alchemist. I used to be totally obsessed with Lord of the Rings. My favorite things to do in my free time are read, write, practice the piano (I'm a nerd, what can I say), play Dance Dance Revolution on X-Box, play Guitar Hero and Rock Band (I kick MEGA BUTT at those games!!) cruise the internet, listen to music like Skillet or "Best of You" by Foo Fighters or "Live Like We're Alive" by Nevertheless or Something Corporate or random Japanese favorite song tends to change every few weeks or so. But I'd say my all time favorite song is Konstantine by Something Corporate. That song kicks butt.

Update: I'm nearly 2 years older than I was when I first wrote this profile, so I've added a couple of things...I DID end up hearing back from Texas A&M (a few of the most stressful months of my LIFE) and I do attend there (as I mentioned in the first paragraph). My major right now is genetics...I have fiery passions for other things such as music, writing, animals (namely horses), but it's extremely difficult to be really successful in any of those areas, and genetics sounded interesting, and the world needs scientists...(the government will pay a person to attend graduate school in genetics, which is more expensive than undergrad school for other majors... _) so I chose that major. I'm still undecided on my minor. Anyway, I think my love for writing has finally re-awoken, so you may be seeing some new stories from me. And I'll probably totally rewrite the one I have up (plot holes and writer's block... -_-;)


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