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I'm back now! Oh, and if you want to flame me, go ahead. But compliments and critisms must be constructive.

I know my story makes no sense to most people. It's not supposed to make much sense to anyone but the cutters. The reason I wrote Somebody Cares is to be able to teach people what cutting's really like, not what they think it is. If 500 people read it and 4 don't cut, don't commit suicide, don't abuse their kids, I would have reached my goal. Somebody Cares is to teach others what really goes on in the minds of all these anorexics, cutters, and abused kids. I read up on psychology, so don't give me wierd looks. Me? I'm a fifteen-year old girl who loves to write (okay, it's the only way I get my emotions out) and I'm really interested in the bittersweet, realistic stories, especially about romance or cutting. I am currently trying to edit my stories. I'm also all for saving the environment, fixing the hole in the ozone, undoing poverty, and peace. I also am totally against prejudice and any form of abuse or violence (except violent jokes that really aren't threatening are okay.) If you know of a group or foundation that's dedicated to doing good (NO religious stuff, please, because I try to stay away from that stuff so as not to be prejudiced) tell me about it and I'll probably join. I know Somebody Cares is kind of scary, but really, it's based on several real life stories and some more that I made up to make it less angsty.

I'm sorry for rambling, and for the lack of posts. But I don't get any reviews. And I mean any reviews. (Grovels) And the Moonlit Stars series was originally written so that my sister Reienne, whom Pearl's appearance and vices have been based on, could find the courage to seek treatment. But she's dead, see. Now I'm finding it really hard to continue the series. I don't see a point. But rest assured; I will finish it. Before the end of the decade.

(Gasp) Both my stories are on a favorite list, and Sombody Cares is actually on three!

Um, how do I say this? Somebody introduced me to Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, and I am HOOKED! I'm also in love with a boy who may have killed someone. Also, I have gotten some threats to my life by an ex-boyfriend, so if I suddenly stop posting for more than a year, then I'm dead.

Update Corner (italicized type means that I DO NOT have the story completely written:

Due to the request of the person Adam's based on, his name's being switched to Sam. Effective next month.

Somebody Cares: The first of the Moonlit Stars series. (This is the American Queen. This is what the American Queen does. This is why the American Queen, the perfect Mary-Sue, does what she does. No one cuts because of trauma. People cut because they deal with stress. They have everything going for them, so why should they feel bad? They don't, so they find reasons...scars.) Name being debated.

Home Truths: Part two of the Moonlit Stars series. (This is the American Queen. This is what the American Queen does. This is why the American Queen, the perfect Mary-Sue, does what she does. This is the American Queen's journey toward healing.) Name being debated.

Accepted Fantasy: Eight grade severely challenges Pearl's resolve not to cut. Obscene messages appear on the bathroom stalls, threatening phone calls are made, and explicit phrases are toilet-papered on Pearl's house when she frees Leigh of her father. What is going on? And what will happen when the maker of all the frightening horrors kidnaps Pearl and Leigh? Part three of the Moonlit Stars series. This is a largely mental story, so there will be flashbacks often.

Stargazing on Silver Creek: The Wolves graduate college and face marriage, divorce, and proposals in the name of real love. But life never turns out as planned. The last story in the Moonlit Stars series. Also follows on the deaths of the characters.

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