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I'm Kidwiththecap . . .not Kandance . . .because she won't write anything in here, I've decided to write about Kandance FOR her. Yep . . . her password wasn't too hard to figure out . . .she can't remember a harder one.

Well . . .Kandance is the kinda person I would like to call motherly. She can be quite curt with you and she takes things with no nonsese sometimes. If you annoy her, she may snap at you, but this isn't because she's actually mad at you. It could just be she's worrying about other things and its stressing her out. She's always looking out for her friends and acting very much like a mother to them. She wants you to eat well, stay warm . . .and she's not afraid to tell you when you are being stupid. She can be painfully blunt sometimes, but its nice to know at least she's telling you the truth.

Another side to Kandance is that she is very girly. She loves the color pink, likes to shop, wear shoes and own lots of purses. I mean ALOT or purses. Though she spends a lot of money sometimes, she's very good at orginzing her money. She has her own job so she figures that she can pay for a lot of things. She's stubborn at times and refuses to let you pay for gas even if she carts your ass everywhere.

She can be a little ditsy sometimes, but she only lets herself get that way when she's with her closest friends. When she's like that, it's very easily to set her off in a fit of giggles until her poor stomach hurts. She has a very dirty mind at times, and can be pretty bad when she gets herself on a roll. She's more talk then anything else though, and the catholic side of her says she's going to Hell. I like the think she won't though, since she treats her friends so well. She's letting me stay at her house from Friday to Monday since I don't have a place to stay.

She also has a weakness for cute little animals, and sparkles . . .

Hair: Dirty Blond . . .hahah . . she's dirty

eyes: Green . . .very pretty when she wears green

statis: Single (for now . . .) Boys suck anyway

favorite food: Afrado pasta

Favorite colors: Pink, yellow and blue . . .but manly pink

Future: She wants to become an interior designer. She likes colors and stuff . . .

Favorite animal: Kitties (She has two cats named Shadow and Sandy. They are her babies)

Zodiac: Ram

Family: She's got a mommmy, and a daddy, and a brother. They're good people.

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