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You’re falling down
I stand my ground
So whatever nothing lasts forever you’ll find out

--Bullets and Octane: Last Mistake--

Name: Rin
Alias: Yukigami
Age: 19
Zodiac: Libra/Rabbit

Everyone will run the track they themselves chose anyway,
going round and round in search, is that the age we live in?

--T.M. Revolution: Albireo--

I'm a very music orientated person. Most writings that I do are inspired by a song or a band or a music video. Also, I write my own lyrics, and am currently trying to get my band up and running, which is hard when I don't have instruments. But that's okay for now; It just means all of you can read them before we perform them.

Most of the music I listen to is foreign music, especially Jrock. Japanese music, anime and manga, movies, and culture in general have played a very large part in my life and so often, my stories reflect that.

My biggest goal in life is to be happy, and I found that writing does that for me. Even more so, it's having people read what I write and enjoying it. Which explains why I'm back here.

The moon closes the curtain, but the sun shines on me.
I knew it from the beginning, so I´m not sad.

--The GazettE: D.L.N.--

My likes include the obvious love for Japan and Japanese pop culture. Music, again, plays a huge role in my life, so it's no surprise that I love Jrock. My favorite bands include The GazettE, Merry, Ghost, Kagrra, and Dir en grey. I also have a great love for bands that are no longer active, like X Japan, Luna Sea and Psycho le Cemu. Solo artists I enjoy include Gackt and Miyavi.

I am also a huge bookworm; always have been and always will be. I love mostly fantasy works, like Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings, but I also do read other things like Prayers for the Assassin and The Da Vinci Code. Currently, I'm reading the Similarion and The Looking Glass Wars (both I highly recommend).

I'm a very big supporter of Love is Love, and as a result, my writings tend to be borderline to controversial. Fair warning to all of you on that one that if you don't like it, don't read it.

Under the sun
To be revealed as if you were to be ridiculed, the disclosure of the flow of the red river

--Dir en grey: -saku- --

On that, some of my dislikes include homophobic, closed minded people. Trust me, there no faster way to get on my nerves than to be a biggot. Another good one is to annoy me to high hell. And probably one more is to possibly COPY my stuff .-shifty eyes-

Dear my friend
Look at the sky, we're now looking at the same sky

--Miyavi: Dear My Friend - Tegami wo Kaku yo- --

A few writers I recommend to all of you:

chibichocobo - A fabulous writer and a fabulous friend. Her works are some of the best I've ever read in my life; they're highly detailed and you'll fall in love with the characters easily.

Darket - A wonderful fix for you action junkies. His stories are vivid, violent and fast paced and wonderful to get caught up in.

PinkLemonade - An inspiration for all writers, especially shounen-ai ones, with her unique and quirky ideas.

Souzou-chan - A highly imaginative writer with a talent for stories that drag you in and refuse to let you go.

Derek57 - One of those authors that you can't ever not have on your favorite's list; one that makes you believe surreal things can very easily happen.

a-flower-is-meant-to-die - An amazing writer who has an incredible knack for tugging on heartstrings one minute and then making you feel warm and fuzzy the next.

For other stories, you might want to check out the Holly Circle C2 :P

No matter how you try to escape you won't get what you desire
No matter how you scream, that once broken can never be fixed

--Pierrot: Hello--

New Stories Soon To Be Posted:

Abingdon Boys School - To get away from the constant torment at his high school, Kotani Takeru managed to get his parents to enroll him in Abingdon Boys School. The school itself seemed perfect, until Takeru learns about the 'game' and the age old secret of the school itself...

Angelici - The Wyn have always been the royal family of all angels, identified by their bright white wings. It was sixteen years ago, however, that the Royal Wyn were attacked and nearly wiped out by the Sable family, the family labeled as outcasts as far back as angels can remember because of their black wings. By sheer coincidence, two guards of the Wyn family managed to flee to Earth with the three heirs, the twins Kazuki and Megumi, and the crown prince, Haruya. The Sable family knows, however, that as long as one member of the Wyn household is alive, they will never have complete control of Heaven...

Märchen - A long time ago, the Prince Hikaru's heart was shattered into several pieces as his protectors/dear friends were forced to watch. The pieces were then cast into another world, many years into the future. Out of loyalty and love, the four of them made a deal to save him, giving up their bodies at that time to be reborn in the next world and save their prince.

Moonlight Hunter Ran - The last of the Youryuu clan, wiped out nearly five hundred years previous, has finally found the reincarnate to the Sakurashi clan, and fulfill the vow that was made...

Dream an endless dream wrapped up in this night
In the end serenade underneath a new moon

--Luna Sea: In Future--

Repost/Rewrite Stories Coming Soon:

Deathmate - Yorkshin. To anyone living outside, this is Hell. However, to the residents, this is home and for some, this is a home they wish to put in order, no matter what the cost.

The Glass Mask - Do you remember, when you were a child, that there was something that you wanted? Something that was ordinary but seemed magical to you? To me, this was our family heirloom, the Glass Mask. However, I learned that I wasn't the only one who was after it...

It's stunning how much I think of you.
That's all I needed to satisfy myself.

--Gackt & Hyde: Orenji no Taiyou--

Liminality has begun. Any story marked with this word belongs in a set that will be posted in order here.

Current stories


More to come soon...

The winds of time
You knock me to the ground
I'm dying of thirst
I wanna run away
I don't know how to set me free to live
My mind cries out feeling pain

X Japan: Art of Life--

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