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When right eyes see the future,

And left eyes see the past,

When the rapist's only there to nuture,

When you've grown up too damn fast,

The Clockface breaks,

And the work which defines it's genre is called grotesque.
- Gabriel D

"People are like stars: there are those that are bright and those that are dim."
- 'Hot Ice' Hilda from Outlaw Star

"They do not die whom may eternal lie,
"And in strange aeons even death may die."
- H.P. Lovecraft

"I want to put out the fires of Hell, and burn down the rewards of Paradise. They block the way to God. I do not want to worship from fear of punishment or for the promise of reward, but simply for the love of God." - Rabia Al-Basri

'Sup, Gabriel D here, feel free to call me Gabe. I'm a young man who, unfortunately, is far too absorbed with girls and guitars to really expand on the only true talent I have found myself in possesion of, writing. I do like to write but unfortunately I tend to eat up most of my time with activities that present an acute element of instant gratification. And even when I do find time to write, my endeavors usually turn to the semi-literature that is fan fiction, I'm half-way sorry to say. In any case some of what you may find here will be poetry spawned in a mere moment of passion and whimsical (sometimes forced or just plain unexistant) rhyme... meter too if you're lucky, but you probably won't be. Heh, also here you may actually find a short story or two, but taking up the time to spawn ideas that feign originality would take some effort and I'm lazy enough that unless I feel the idea is actually good, I probably won't waste the energy to write it out. But thats just me. Finally the third thing you may find here are essays, which won't be so much essays as just random thoughts that I'll ramble off and rant about and all kinds of textual excremet in that vein. If you feel compelled, read. If you feel further compelled, review. And if you feel really compelled, turn your review into something constructive.

Do I care if you do any of the three? Not really, it'd be cool if you would though. In any case this is Gabe leaving you with wise words from DMX... yeah, that's right, I like rap.

"This is Life! This is what I know, so to me, this is Life!"
-'One More Road to Cross' by DMX

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