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Something about me? I live in New York.

I'm male, fourteen years of age, and go to "the second best school in the city."

I love writing - have ever since seventh grade. I'm still finding myself, you could say, through writing, and one thing I have learned is that now, I prefer more realistic writing rather than the fantasy-sci-fi-mutant blow outs many prefer. I follow these great words of my cousins:

"So many people today seem to only want to write about unrealistic things like X-Men or having powers. But if you look closer, if you just try to write things that stay on the planet earth, you'll find that when you actually do move on to the fantastical things, they'll be a lot more easier."

I can be a deep thinker. I am very reasonable and I can be sweet to many of my friends (though not guys, really. Friendly, yes. Sweet? No.)

I think about answers in the most probable answer, and I would like to say I'm mature for my age. I don't laugh at stupid things and I take thinks seriously - things that should be taken seriously. Yes, all the talk about how the kid in the city are still kids is not always true. I'm one of that small percentage people fail to think of.

One of a kind? Yeah. But everyone is one of a kind. Reasonable? Logical? Yeah. Imaginative when needed to be? Of course. That's why I write. It's one of the few things I hold dear to me, and I value every single review I receive.

I don't like to fool around, and I do what's the most important thing first: schoolwork. Classwork. Homework. Which is why I don't update as often anymore. I update ( I try to) at least once a week, when I have the time. I always plan out and organize what happens before I write it to prevent writer's block. I put great effort into my current story, Winter Manhattan, so don't miss out on it!

Thank you for visiting my profile. I'd appreciate it to such an extent that it can't be put to words if you were to read one of my stories, and left a reasoned opinion. I'm working hard on my story - I write for fun, yes, but I also write because progressing my writing is very important to me. I take my projects seriously (currently Winter Manhattan) and I know they may get long but I promise I will not let you down if you read it and cope with its length. Each paragraph actually gets progressively shorter as you go on.

Something about my story, Minors: the beginning is very slow and not planned out well and not as good as it could be and I decided to take a break from it because it became too much of a job from writing every day and I figured the whole anime thing was getting too unrealistic and I should try something more realistic, like a Drama, first, before I extend it to a fantasy. After all, you've got to understand reality before you can bend it.



Winter Manhattan:

A Hexagon Group of Friends Just Trying to Get Through Life in The City...

The coldness of wintertime can be harsh, and it doesn't take sympathy on the people who are new to their lives in the big city, for Manhattan waits for no one, not even those that are desperate to live. In this big city of broad possibilities, tall-buildings-by-day-brilliant-night-clubs-by-night kind of world, just how hard can it get to live life? More than expected, that's for sure. There are people are just used to this city's fast, warped speed. And the people who are new, who just became free of their naggy parents' holds and liberated into the big world... well, they're still getting used to it. Because life gets hard after school. You take care of yourself and your friends, and in this big city, sometimes, you've just got to stand up for yourself, because there will be times when no one else will for you, especially in the middle of the night after what seemed like the wildest club party in Times Square.

You're given Tam, the independent, uncertain young woman trying to find herself and prove her worth to herself and her parents, falling down holes as she goes along, thinking that the holes might bear some valuable treasure. Pierce, the all-around, dependent, trustworthy and reliable guy who stands up for himself, his friends, and does what's right at the end of the day, aiming for fame by the means of movies, all the while trying to pry his resented copycat off his back that tries to tear him to pieces and a girlfriend that persists on bedding him. Ryan, the best friend of Pierce, and the hormone-filled, "god" of sex and flirts, one who has been blessed with good looks and a nice smile, only to find out that maybe relationships aren't only provisions of ecstasy. Kyle, the scientist workaholic that knew nothing of a social life or romantic life because of his great stress on work and a good future, providing him with sleepless nights and a lifeless time in New York City, completely abusing his privileges in this community of fun, just until that one person comes along... Seth, the drug abuser, who, angry at the world for "not giving him a normal life," criticizes the regular lives of people and how they go to work for a living and whatnot, not ready to admit to himself what he wants. And finally, Chad, the seemingly only New Yorker left in the city that is in love with boxing, for it's the only thing he was ever good at, building and holding a grudge against his father in the fighting club for the championship crown and the tons of money that come with it. Watch how these six lives unfold from their normal, all-ready-seemed-to-be planned out lives to a whole universe of changes, tears, tragedy, love, sex, drugs, drinking, danger, heartbreak, jealousy, and disappointment, steadily, from the smallest, coldest bud in the winter buried by snow... to a wildfire of growth as spring takes its dawn. But as always in life, it seems, it's going to get colder before it gets warm, and just like life itself, there's always room...

For six more weeks of winter.

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