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About my writing: I started off writing ONE fanfic, and then soon found myself struggling with the confines of someone else's characters. I eventually ventured into unknown waters and wrote my own story. Giovanni: The Blood Stigma was my first original piece. Funny enough, I wrote up fourteen chapters of it within a MONTH. The story poured out of me as if it was there the entire time.

I since have improved my first version, which is a little different from the version I have up here. I expanded on the idea, not only studying Romania, Russia and several other European countries and their histories to get my Vampire characters just right but also learning about fashion trends and technology.

My goal is to one day publish one of my stories, and though I do not expect instant success, it would certainly be a dream come true for me to have my work out for the world to see. Hopefully I'll be able to accomplish this within three years of my persistent pursuit of this goal.

UPDATE: 05-06-2012

I live! Yes, believe it or not, I am indeed alive! I am SO sorry I haven't updated this, or my Blood Stigma story, but well, I've been extremely busy with two grade school age girls. I'm not certain if I've posted about this, but I figured I'd give a small little glimpse into my life so that you all who are reading this, understand that I'm not lagging it because I'm under this impression that I'm building anticipation or whatever. :D My eldest daughter is Autistic, so she needs extra help to get stuff done. She's high functioning, meaning she doesn't need me to help her go to the washroom or to do most hygiene based care, but she needs help with getting her clothes for the day and doing her hair and such. She'll be 8 this year, and we're very happy that she's doing well, skipped a grade and such. My youngest is going to be five, and she's learning french while in school so that brings another degree of difficulty, as I only know English and Spanish.

I am also married, I've been married now for almost nine years. Relationships don't take care of themselves, so I've been busy with that too. :D I'm also volunteering at a local cat shelter and taking up a spot at two school councils, since my daughters don't go to the same school because of said diagnosis. So yeah, busy, busy, busy. I've written a few, "rants", which I am sure most of you will understand now. I'll explain my reasoning behind a couple and then I'll get to my update on Blood Stigma.


This really stems from listening to a bunch of young adults and teenagers rant about why they hate the thought of having kids. I'm glad many teens aren't ready. It's a good sign most are thinking straight about what's best for them. What bothered me is that most girls and women, were basing their disinterest in reproducing over urban legends and misguided information. I don't like this idea that most women and girls can talk endlessly about the hair shampoo or makeup they use, but don't know crap about how their reproductive system works! A little education in the form of reading would do young women a world of good! :)

Teenage/Amateur Writers:

This is pretty much my bitching about the fact that tons of young writers don't realize that their work will need improvement, regardless of their supposed skill. I was pretty fed up with giving people critique and having it flung back in my face because it wasn't the endless fawning they were expecting. I especially didn't like having to read poorly described scenery. It irks me, it pisses me off so much I hate it when I go back and see that I didn't do it either! :D

Moms, Please:

Oh Lord, this one was one of those spur of the moment ones I couldn't help BUT write. This is the real reason why we have such bratty kids in our society. Not television, not video games, but because of the types of mothers I describe in this rant. I see them every day while riding the bus in my city. I feel pity for the kids and this rage for the bad moms out there. This was a constructive way of my letting it out. I've posted this on other sites and a lot of young adults agree; bad moms/dads = bad kids.


I didn't think this would do too well here, since most writers here are not married. I figured though because it's basically about misconceptions about both sides of a relationship, people may in fact find it a funny or true read.

Now, to Giovanni: The Blood Stigma.

I reread the thing and I'm not as happy with it as I was when I first posted it. Obviously, I'm a little wiser now so, I've learned a few tricks since then. I'm not going to take it down to fix it...yet. I figured I should finish it first and then go from there. Which, I believe is what I've been saying from the first. I've had a few people offer to beta it for me, and I said this very same thing. :) So I hope those of you who offered didn't think I was blowing smoke up your ass, I really am planning on taking a scalpel to this once I finish it.

Okay, as far as finishing the story. I will be doing so. I've already started on the next chapter. As I stated in my previous paragraph, I've reread the story so that I didn't end up reiterating whatever I had already written. It also helped me figure out where I was going with it and decide that I was on crack, and that direction would completely ruin the ending. So, now with a few months and quite a bit of time to figure it out, I've come up with an ending that doesn't make me flinch or shudder over its crappy...ness.

Also, thank you SO very, VERY much to the Romanians, Germans and other European readers who gave me input, you have no idea how much I treasure it! I was so excited that I made some of you happy with bringing your countries into a positive light. I agree, most of the time people paint Eastern Europe like this backwater other world rather than taking in the history of the areas. I'm always reminding myself that if I get it write for the people who live there, then I can consider my job well done I'm also going to be grooming the parts of the story where I take them to said countries. I want to make sure I edit those entries, because frankly, those made me cringe as well. They aren't where I would like them to be, as I've learned so much more since then.

I cannot promise that I'll finish this next chapter within the month of May, but I'm going to try my hardest to get it done. I have quite a bit on my plate, as I've explained, but I think I can do it, since the school year is slowing down week after week. Thank you, everyone, for your favs, your comments, your reviews and your patience! I appreciate it all, and I especially appreciate you all taking the time to read this, and my stories, when you could have chose any number of others instead.


Almost forgot! For those of you interested in seeing a couple of pics of my characters, here's a couple of links:

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