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I love to write. I'm far from amazing. And all I want is someone to take my writing seriously, and to help me improve. Writing is a bit hard for me, time wise. I'm a sophmore in High School and everyone knows just how busy that can be. I try to write as often as I can, but I've actually had writer's block for about a year. That is why I deleted my old account full of childish trash and made this new one, one I hope will be much better in grammer, and hopefully content.

I'm actually afraid to put my work (mostly my poems) on here, because some pieces are very personal. Writing is my way of getting out of the world. I don't want people to review me only to:
A) Tell me my story/poem is very good, and then gives me NO critisism.
B) Tell me that I'm horrible and should never write again, and still gives me no way to improve.
That is not why I'm on this website and I bet it's not why you are on this website either. If we are all here for the love of writing, there should be no fear of telling the truth, good or bad. There is just NO NEED to be absolutly nasty.

If someone reads and reviews my stories or poems, I usually like to go to their page, pick a story and settle down with some food or water. Its actually very relaxing. And then most likely I will leave you your very own review to read and enjoy. From now on though (as of 2/4/07) I will be shelling out critisism. I don't like when people leave me empty reviews and I'm sure other people dislike that as well.

Thank you for reading.

Favorite quote:

'Once writing has become your major vice and greatest pleasure only death can stop it.'
Ernest Hemingway

And my other favorite quote about writing :

Sometimes the biggest thing we all need is someone to understand. And who better understands us, then us? Oddly enough, there is an answer, and it is our writing. What we write is the key to our souls. It is who we are to the exact penny of our thoughts. We may not put it all IN writing, but the tone of a poem, a song, a story, expresses what we go through each and everyday.

~Moi (lol)

Yes I wrote that last quote but it captures who I am alot. Anyways.
Happy Reading/Reviewing!!


Happily Never Again: After some constructive critisism. I've gone and totally rewritten it... So expect to see me re-post it.

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