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My name: Shari
Age: 16
Height: 5'1"
Hair: Long and brown with a few blonde streaks
Eyes: a kinda misty brown with tints of hazel and honey in the sunlight
Home: Australia!! I'm a true blue Aussie through and through
Humour: dry, sarcastic, sardonic, witty, crude, insulting and sadistic.

I am new to Fiction Press but still, I love to write stories. I like to write comedy and horror and action/adventure stories. I like comedy but horror is what I'm best at.

I am a real bitch when I want to be, so not very often. I LOVE my friends! They are the most important people in the world to me besides my family. I love nature and animals, I'm a Greeny!! lol. I am almost ALWAYS happy when talking to other people and I am completely in LOVE with my best friend and I really hope he feels the same way for me... Oh please God tell me I'm not making a dick of myself!!!! ahem, well any way!! u have heard enough of my personal life.
One bad thing about me... I kinda slip in a out of depression after a couple of months but I get over it. Always do. I'm a fighter!!! Literally... I fight people. lol. On msn or over the internet I am a little spontanious and outgoing but in person I am pretty shy and quiet... until you get to know me. My friend Michael said I put others before myself all the time and I was just "awww!!". (we had to choose one person IN FRONT OF EVERYONE and tell them that we respect them and why. It was for a Yr 11 leadership day thing. It was funny. 30 girls desolved into tears... myself included! (but only coz I was chosen TWICE. my best friend said "She's little a little flower, inside a burning house..." it was so sweet. I think the metaphor was that i'm something sweet surrounded by chaos, lol. She's awesome. YOU ROCK EM!!!

Please read mah stories!! I love you all too!!

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His brother made them orphans and cursed him. Now Drake only has a short time to live before the curse kills him. Meanwhile, his brother rallies an army for a war between the mortals and the supernatural. [Rated for Violence, DEATH and Language.]
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