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A Little About Myself and My Stories

If you feel like stalking, you can follow me on tumblr and I also have fanfiction account under the same name, elyneri.

I've also enjoyed writing stories since I was a child and eventually I grew to love reading. For the longest time while I was growing up, I weaved stories in my head while I was in the car. It kept my mind off being car sick and made the ride more enjoyable, especially long road trips. In high school, I started to put stories into words, but never got too far. When I got my first laptop my junior year in high school, that was when I started to expand a little more. Eventually, I decided if I was going to write I should share my stories and found this site.

The first story I started writing was The After Life, soon follow by What I Didn't Expect and What We Didn't Know. None of them are completed. The only one out of those not on hiatus is What We Didn't Know. I have the story mostly planned out in my head (I need to put it on paper), so it's updated every now and then depending on people's interest and my own. For the foreseeable future, the other two are on an extended hiatus unless interest picks up in them with readers or myself or until I complete a story.

In my senior year of high school,l I started writing Sixteen Candles (the title is still subjected to change). A dream inspired me to write it and I planned it a little. For a while I was absorbed in writing it until I lost interest. It peeked my interest just recently, I wrote Chapter 16 for it. It's the longest story I have written thus far and one I need to go back and fix all the typos in. When I do that, I'll probably delete all the chapters, expect the prolog, and update it weekly with corrected versions. I'll provide short stories to accompany the story, to keep myself interest and shed some light on the backstories of characters like I did for Alice and James. Something for the readers to enjoy. The hardest part of this story is keeping track of the characters. I need to make a new character list for it.

In college, I started writing Dawn of a New Era and has been my main focus since. I believe I started it at the beginning of my sophomore year. What inspired me to write it is obvious (if you read the summary), but the main reason I started writing it was my thoughts on what the end of the world could possibly mean. The destruction of it? The end of humanity? End of life as we know it? Or the end of society as we know it? There always seems to be something out there to inspire me to write it or to tell me to write it. Ideas start to form and take shape. A complicated world and story begins to weave itself. What I had planned originally for the story has changed and for the better. How Evelyn will end up in the future is more believable and her part in the story becomes even more complicated. The hardest part of this story is keeping Evelyn as normal as possible who grows throughout the story. I wanted her to be just a normal everyday person that could be anyone we know. I wanted it to be more realistic about being put in such a situation, her fear and confusion. A future that sounds possible. Chase is also another difficult character to write when considering his past.

There are still many stories I want to write. Some I have a rough idea, others I started to plan, another I have a few chapters written. They won't be posted until I completed one of the stories I have written or finish writing. Keep in mind when you read my stories, that I like a little romance in my stories. :P


So when I find time to read a chapter of a story or possibly more on fiction press, I leave a review. Usually I try to find stories that haven't had a review yet, so I can give them some encouragement to write. When I do due a review, I'll be honest. I'll give the best advice I can and point out mistakes I see. The longer the review the more mistakes and advice I have for you. So when that happens, don't get offended! I'm trying to help you out! Sometimes, it's nice to get a review that tells you exactly what you're doing well or wrong with it, also what you may enjoy or not enjoy about the story. It's more helpful than I love your story or there's a mistake in it, review.

For myself, I appreciate all reviews and love it when I get one. It fills me up with joy to see people actually interested in what I write. So, please leave a quick review if you read one of my stories and you if you really like it, follow it or add it to your favorites. All three ways give me encouragement to write and share it with others.

Current Projects

Dawn of a New Era - Chapter 14 in progress. 15-17 planned (At least I did, the written plan disappeared?).

Sixteen Candles - Chapter 17 posted.

What We Didn't Know - Chapter 9-13 Editing. 14 in progress.


Fortune Cookie - Short Story - I'll probably come back some day and continue it, probably in another short story format.

Hiatus Projects

The After Life - More planning, more character development, and a rewrite.

What I Didn't Expect - Needs a rewrite and character development. The story itself is simple enough.

Future Projects

Cinderella with a Touch of Rain - Follows Rain's relationship with friends and family, as she learns to open up, trust, and be a little normal again. Jason is there to help her through all her troubles, an unexpected friendship grows between the most sought after girl and least sought after guy. A few chapters are written.

Summer with the Beast - Follow's Rain's oldest sister, Summer, a college student and what she does with summer in the previous story. Just a title and basic idea.

Sleeping Beaty at Dawn - Follow's Rain's younger sister, Dawn, and her life during the time that takes place in Rain's story. Just a title and basic idea.

Untitled - A fantasy story that takes place in another world. A girl from our world is sent there, where everyone has the ability to use magic. I started of an outline and a couple of chapters written.

Untitled 2 - Another fantasy story that takes place in a parallel world connected to ours. People have the ability to shift to one species of animals. I started an/a outline/guide.

Untitled 3 - Mystery/Sci-fi that follows a girl with a sixth for solving a mystery with help from a detective. So far cliche and I only have the girl's name and a sixth sense down, nothing else.

Untitled 4 - Fantasy that follows three sisters that our curse with an ability to use an element. They live in a chaotic, war torn world. A story idea that has been in my head for years. Long and complicated with lots of characters. A story that I have to flesh out in an/a outline/guide first before I start writing for people to read.

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