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Hey yall,

I've been creating stories in my head since i was 10 but only now just started to write them. I only made one story so far...hopefully that will change huh.

I looooooove manga!!!! its the best! Especially anime!!!!!!!

my favorites would have to be Fruits Basket, Fushigi Yugi and Full Moon (gotta love that cat) Ayasha no Ceres, Chrono Chrusade, and Vampire Knight and last but not leats...Tokyo Mew mew (so cute) there other like Absolute Boyfriend and Imadoki but im too lazy to type them all

but i guess you could call me a bit of a bookworm also lol whenever i go to the bookstore i've either read that book or didnt like the summary

so be nice...i like critasism but a few compliments r good too

also im ABSESSED with animals lol...ok mainly cats

Name: confidential but u can call me AJ 0

Age: 15

Fav Animal: all of them no no jk ummmmm i guess cats and foxes (everyone says i remind them of a cat so..)

Fav Food: anything that fits in my mouth, lol im such a pig (thank goodness for fast matabolism)

Fav Movies: 300 (dont ask how i got in) and anything midevil or funny like Robinhood Men in Tights oh and Phantom of the Opera (not a movie person)

Fav Shows: ooooo thats hard, ummmm i like watching Comedy Centrol and lots and lots of anime (addicted to youtube) yes i know its sad

Fav Music: Alternative, My Chemical Romance and also oldies (dont ask why) i just got in to Within Temptation (very old band i think)

Hobbies: hmmmm drawing writing reading anything that doesnt require a lot of moving (he he) working with my friends on making comics (i make up the story my bff draws it up and other bff edits and helps out with the dialog) $ $ and annoying my friends to insane levely mwahahaha

well as u see im in the middle of two stories, im taking a break from one to write another, but dont worry theyll both be finished so enjoy

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