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My name is Kei and I was born 1100 years ago. My birth has been shrouded in mystery until now. I awoke one day and found myself on a planet made of pure SUGAR!!! I knew only one thing at that time. TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD AND SPREAD THE JOY OF SUGAR!!! So while on my sugar high I jumped from planet to planet and began laying waste to anyone who stood in my way.

When I awoke from my sugar high I found that I had sold my freedom to my long lost cousin, Yuri. She had become my queen and I was her *swallows hard*...loyal slave and did her bidding. So while with Yuri I found out the truth about my past. I was born on Planet Plant, now known as or rather WAS Planet Vegeta, and my real name was Cha-Cha. My parents named me Cha-Cha because as a baby the only thing I wouldn't eat was cha-cha. So somewhere in the back of their mind it made sense that by naming me after the food I hated I would eventually grow to love it?

Anyway I grew up with the other Saiyans; taunting, killing, purging, looting, maiming, and do all that good stuff. But one day I left. Unlike common belief among my kind, I was the Legendary Super Saiyan. I transformed after an arguement with some Tuffles. They said that we Saiyans were nothing more then greedy, sex-addicting monkeys. First of all, we're not GREEDY!! We have a high metabolism and require a lot of food to keep up our energy. How would YOU feel if your heart rate beated five times faster then the average Earthlings? And as for the sex-addict comment...well...there's nothing wrong with liking the opposite sex. Right? I don't get it either. Anyway from there I traveled around and landed on Planet Sugar. Planet Sugar didn't live up to its name because Sweet Sharie, my cousin's arch rival simply because she is deemed the Sugar Queen, had ate all the sugar on the planet.

Packing up we headed towards Planet Earth and witnessed how you Earthlings lived life. With nothing better to do I became bored and decided to mess with you Earthlings mind. So I found Mariah Carey and told her that she had acting skills. MWHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAA!!! I DID NOT HOWEVER WRITE THE SCRIPT FOR GLITTER! But I am also the creative genius behind Mini Me of Austin Powers. I also own Sugar Ray's soul and I created Michael Jackson. He's not real and never was. I created him out of plastic and right now I'm working with Matel to make him the perfect giant pink Barbie house. After a couple of years after Michael had that 'accident'(where his hair caught on fire) :ahem: I decided to go into hiding. So I just so happened to come across a small, balding little girl named Kei. Kei possessed a wonderful personality; she was quiet, meaning she didn't draw a lot of unnecessary attention to herself, she was sporty, and me being a Saiyan I have to have a body that stays in tip top shape, and she was absolutely adorable...she reminded me so much of myself...only with less hair.

I quickly took over Kei's body and began to enjoy the wonders and joys being a young Earthling child. Kei had a lot of spirit and I enjoyed just remaining dormant inside of her. I'd wake up every once in a while to kick some smart-mouth bitches ass who tried to pick on my hostess, but other then that life was great. Kei eventually grew up and happened upon anime. Our all time favorite being a cartoon show about my heritage Dragonball Z. It was then I realized that I wasn't alone in the universe. So I took over Kei's body and decided who better then to write stories about Saiyans then a fellow Saiyan, ne?

So along with Sweet Sharie the two of us have begun kidnap...uh...I mean making friends with the others Saiyans. So along with Yuri, my cousin, Goku, Chibi Goku, Turles, Chibi Turles, Bardock, Raditz, Kakarrot, Chibi Raditz, Baby Goku, The Rock (gift from Rogue Moon), Stone Cold Steve Austin (who showed up one day), Yamcha and Baby Yamcha (they belong to Yuri) we write stories all in an evil plot to slowly take over all the sugar in THE UNIVERSE!!!! And find a way to end PMS and cause MEN to bare children...NOT WOMEN!! WE'VE HAD TO SUFFER THROUGH THIS HELL FOR LONG ENOUGH!!!

I mostly write romance fics and humor along with Yuri. I am a huge Goku(Kakarrot) and ChiChi...reading any romance fic with them as the couples. I've written a couple of V/B fics, but since they are the most popular couple they're not my favorite. GOKU AND CHICHI ARE ONE OF THE MANY UNSUNG COUPLES IN THE DRAGONBALL Z FORUM!! We must all come together and change this. WHO'S WITH ME?...Or we could just all band together and try to catch all the handsome men of DBZ. I just love my Goku...and Kakarrot...and Turles...and Bardock...well the list goes on and on. Hmm...I wonder is it legal to be married to more then one bishounen? Well ja'ne and I hope you enjoy all of my fics. Man, guess what my anniversary is coming up. That's right. Soon I'd have been with for a year. YAY!! But that's not why I'm here. I'm here to let you know that I am slowly putting together an army of bishonen. My army will be the greatest army to ever grace the forum. Why build an army of bishonen, you ask? Well outside of the own personal pleasure and joy of whipping...heheheheh..oops...forget that giggling part. Anyway I will soon see the fruitation of my blood, sweat, and tears...for MY ARMY SHALL OVERTAKE BABYSHIRO AND STEAL THE CROWN THAT IS RIGHTFULLY MINE!!

THAT'S RIGHT BABYSHIRO!! I WILL NOT SLEEP!! UNTIL THE CROWN IS MINE!! HOW DARE YOU BRIBE THE GREAT, LOVELY, SEXY, INGENIOUS, BRILLANT, OMNIPOTENT...*looks around frantically and turns to the boys behind her* quick I need more adjectives!! *boys look stunned*
Goku: What are we geniuses?
Kei: Gohan?
Gohan: Uh...uh...
Kei: GOHAN!!
Gohan: Uh...I CAN'T THINK!! I CAN'T WORK UNDER THESE CONDITIONS!! *stomps off with tears in his eyes grumbling about pressure, stress and Saiyans*
Kakarrot: To think. All those years of studying down the drain.
Kei: I STILL NEED MORE ADJECTIVES!! I NEED SOMETHING FOR ROGUEMOON!! THE GREAT AND POWERFUL ROGUEMOON! Who...need I remind her I gave her a Chibi Trunks and a Chibi Goten. WITHOUT wouldn't have gotten Vegeta nor Mirai Trunks away from Babyshiro. I only demand what is rightfully mine. Anyway BABYSHIRO YOU TRULY ARE MY ONE AND ONLY EQUAL WHEN IT COMES TO WRITING LONG AND POINTLESS REVIEWS!! AND FOR THAT WE SALUTE YOU! *Kei and her Saiyans, wrestlers, and Dean Cain all salute Babyshiro* AND ROGUEMOON ROCKS!! v^_^v