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Hi everyone. The story I have uploaded (Allie Quinn) is something I'm working on with the hopes of getting published. Which, I guess means I'll never finish posting it and just let everyone know when it's in the book stores. It is my dream to be a writer, and I have my fingers crossed on this one.

Background on Allie Quinn:

Allie and her twin brother, Evan, were trained from birth to fight the monsters in the Dark. When their parents died, they were taken in by their guardian, Donald Moore, who finished their training. Wanting as much of a normal life as she could get, Allie married and had a daughter. However, something in the shadows murdered her husband and is now hunting her.

Allie's quest to find out what is lurking in the Dark leads her to the handsome Eros Love and the mysterious Rayven. With their help, she and Evan can defeat the Dark and restore order to our world.

Meaning behind the title: Sack Man

In many cultures around the world, the same Boogieman appears; the Sack Man. While called by many different names, they are all the same. A figure of a man who hides in the dark shadows with a sack, ready to snatch naughty children and eat them. In some cultures, he shows up to see if the kids are in bed on time, and steals those who ignore their curfews. Or he takes the kids who don't eat their vegetables. Or who sass back to their parents. You get the idea. World wide, you'll find a variation of the Sack Man in the nursery tales.