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Hello to all fellow authors and readers. I won't reveal my actual name on this one compared to the sister site I'll go by my pen name: Trowa.

I stumbled across this site from the sister site and have written a bit more on fanfiction than I have on this site, mainly a few essays and poems.

I noticed that even though this site has a manga category, I haven't been on here as much but I plan to as a result of me working on my first writing project. I've already begun the fanfic version of it. It's from an anime that some might and most would not be familiar with called Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha (of which I happen to be a very big fan of). I'm currently also trying to tweak the prologue chapter of the re-write but keeping a few of the OCs I made on the fanfiction while trying to keep some of the material from the fanfic version. For the rewrite I actually draw quite a bit of inspiration from other references: Japanese anime, movies, books, heck even cartoons. For those readers that are able to catch on as to what references I'd be drawing from...kudos to you guys.

I recall hearing about a certain author who wrote fanfiction for a particular book series, one that I have to admit...I sort of regret reading but not as badly. It was for the Twilight series. (Yes...I know that there are Twi-fans out there and I don't care about the flaming messages). The reason I slightly regret it is that as I was discussing it with a friend of mine over the phone...and as I found out on the sister site, that the characters themselves (some I think more than most) act a bit like Gary Stus and Mary Sues (my guess is that it's on the main characters Edward, Bella, and Jacob), a way it sorta downplays a bit on the female characters.

I would be lying if I said I didn't like my female characters to be strong, fleshed out, and conflicted. The thing with Twilight however, what sorta bothered me besides what I mentioned earlier...was the very idea on the vampires and how sunlight did something different on them.

Besides that...I'm currently putting another book series on hold in terms of reading because of one other book series that has caught my attention.

The Nightshade series by Andrea Cremer.

As for the book I'm putting on hold in terms of reading, it's the Fallen series.

Now I will admit that some of the YA novels I've come across dealt a bit with the whole vampire/werewolf(lycan) concept (no thanks to Twilight I'm sure) as well as fallen angels (hence the Fallen book series), however, there was one book series that has gotten me captivated as soon as I set eyes on it. The Mortal Instruments series (which...for those that have a Facebook account will find that they're already working on the movie, even as I speak (or this case, LOL)).

Anyway...I plan on uploading the rewrite of the fanfic version on here soon and I will eventually be looking for beta readers to help me out, so...I'll try and keep you authors posted.

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