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Hiya everybody,

Since you're on my profile page, I might as well talk a little about myself before rambling on to my stories. I'm known as Tapp on the Internet (do not ask me how I got that name), although there's a lot of variations on that simple word like Tap, Tappy, Tappity-Tap, you name it. I'm twenty, which I find is a pretty sweet age to be in. I have been told by many that I have a weird imagination, whether it is with stuff like BioSOS (points to the story) or with simple real-life conversations.

I'm a fan of mystery stories with the action, although I don't mind having a little romance in context. That is probably reflected in the stories that I write (some not published). Where do I come up with my ideas? I have to admit that dreams play a big part in forming those ideas. That does not mean that I write about those dreams, but rather I take the idea that was formed and create a plot around that. BioSOS, for instance, actually came into my head as a giant sphere located underwater. How it got there and where it came from were all plotted afterwards.


Okay, enough about me. Time for a little talk about the stories here.

BioSOS: I could write a whole page about how BioSOS was formed (and believe me, I had done it), but I will not place it here. Just what is BioSOS? Read the story to find out (especially chapter 5). For those of you who would rather have me reveal it here, then keep reading. BioSOS is what is commonly referred to as a space-pod; a ship in space used (later) for space colonization. The whole story of BioSOS talks about the replacement of society (one of the major themes) by a threat that is not foreseen except by a few people who happens to know or gains knowledge about it. It is a purely human-made conflict (which means it does not involve aliens from outer space) that grows from a chain-reaction of events. Before I start writing a whole essay of what BioSOS is about, here is a little excerpt from the story:

"Everything was meant to happen in order to shape this future. The past, the present, and the future are never-ending cycles—they repeat all the time beginning with the birth of the Earth and ending with its death, only to begin all over again. Civilizations of the past has been born and destroyed, only to be replaced by new civilizations that gets destroyed again. And we, everyone in this present, are in the middle of it—in the middle of a tiny point of time that has been built up by the past and ready to be crumbled by the future. Do you not see? BioSOS is an accomplishment, and just like any accomplishments in the past, it changes the way of humanity." -- The Overlord from BioSOS: The Secrets of the New World

Space Train: This story was started in the wake of the economic crisis, and unfortunately had too many times where it was placed on hold. It takes place in the near future, where the Earth is running out of resources and the gap between the rich and the poor has grown to the point that both sides are ignorant to each other. It follows the thoughts and adventures of a twelve-year-old girl named Addie, who has the desire to ride the Space Train even though she believes that she was, and always will be, a poor person. Her train of thought is challenged by a man named Pierce, who introduces her to a house that can be called a 'shelter'. Befriending a girl named Rica, Addie dives deeper into the house's unique environment, overcoming challenges in her own life, and coming to learn that it never hurt to hope for more. Indeed, this is a story of hope and friendship, and promises to be a touching experience.

Okay, I won't reveal anything more ('cause then I'll be going against my own dislike of revealing a story before reading it). Hope you'll like the story as much as I do. Have fun!

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