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My username comes from one of my favorite characters, Chieko. The 8 year old genious. She does have other parts to her, but let's not get complicated about it. I've got a lot of stories i haven't actually had the time to type up yet, but i will ... eventually. Usually if you review my stories, i try to get around to reviewing one of your stories too. I'm busy most of the time, so please don't feel bad if i haven't gotten to your story. I have some stories over at FanFiction for if you want to check them out: focus more on my own stories now so i don't do too many fanfics anymore. Although there are a lot that i want to finish, i will, one day.)

My Stories:

The Royal Legend (On Hold) -It's about My Main Character Chieko, she's 8 years old and has been through a lot since birth. I use her in a lot of the stories i write. Someone kills off her Mother (The Queen), and The King (not her father), and now they are out to kill her to get power over her kingdom. Everyone knows the Minnimotto's power is the most powerful untouched force in the universe, in the wrong hands the world would crumble. Chieko goes to different worlds and dimensions collecting her family's sacred jewels to defend her rightful place as ruler of her Kingdom, but it's not gonna be easy. (I'm not exactly sure how long this story will be on hold, it wasn't going the way i wanted it to.)

One Hott Mystery Case (COMPLETE!) - He is the top dog, the one every girl wants for their own, He's the top notch Private Investigator. She ... is the sexiest Secret Service agent, able to get what she wants with a simple smile. ... and they meet. He becomes her assignment, but is she starting to fall for him? What's keeping her from doing her job? How far can trust really go? (Taken down for now, needs a re-write. Hopefully will re-post...)

Just Another Hardship (IN-PROGRESS) - Two brothers have been through a lot in their past. Even witnessed the raping of their baby sister, by their new step dad. Watched their house burn down ... one even had a house collapse on top of him ... wasn't hat enough to go through? No, because someone just had to kidnap their baby sister, the one who's been through so much. They're gonna make sure they find out who did it, and when they do they're gonna make them pay ... in blood. (Taken down for now, also needs a re-write)

Crystal Relations (One-Shot) - This is a story i thought of off the top of my head, i actually thought it was kinda cute. A simple normal day, then the unthinkable happens. Ever stumbled across a portal? Anywhere? Of course not. But what if you did, find a portal that is ... in your closet. Would you tell anyone? Would you find out what was on the other side? Well Valleriee found one alright. She's in a family of 6 and nothing interesting ever happened to her ... until now. (I didn't really have much planned for this story, it was just a cute idea i had running through my head.)

Four-Teen: Too Young (IN-PROGRESS) - My Personal Favorite.Candie's been through a lot as a child and is still going through a lot. It's one thing to witness your parents death and another to have to deal with the cruel kids at school. It's Candie's turn to retell the night of the murder and she's doing it her way. You'd never witness something like this before. This story was actually produced from The Royal Legend, I'm not sure how, but i started writing this one afterwards and the rest is history. :) This one seems to be the one everyone catches interest in. I'm still deciding a few things out with the story xD so bare with me in waiting for the next chapters.

Midnight Thirst (One-Shot) -Ace is the hottie Junior of High School that every girl wants. Sparkle is the sexy new freshmen that Ace is interested in. At midnight Ace sucks one girl's blood and he wants Sparkle's blood, but she doesn't know he's a vampire & suddenly she's falling for him, hard. Ace and Sparkle are actually two characters that me and my sister don't use much, but they do have very interesting personalities in our stories we write with them. (I'm calling this one a One-Shot for now. It might become a novel, I'm not exactly sure.)

The Reincarnation's Mistake (In-Progress) - Christian, is defender of the innocent. Koujii wants to see him crumble, he will stop at nothing. When Koujii kills the love of his life, Chris will stop a nothing to put his head on a platter. (This story has been reedited and characters have been changed around as well as the story as a whole. This one is officially Chris and Sangoya's story, they will have another story, but that's a far ways away from now ... i think i'll start posting up more chapters when i finish one of my storys, or slowly as i work on the other three. Unless, people want me to post them earlier, just let me know.)

True To Your Heart (On-Hold) - Star's always hated Darell, and he's always hated her. Darell's always made Star's life miserable and she's always insulted him. So why is he confessing his love to her? Why is she being so nice to him? Maybe they don't hate each other as much as they say. Nothing is easy when you're still dating your boyfriend and your ex is trying so hard to piss your boyfriend off. It's a battle for the heart, let the games begin.

Diagnosed With Love (In-Progress) - Casicune and Star. A simple story, so you think. The type of story that the girl plays hard to get. What girl doesn't play hard to get once in her life? Finally giving in to date him, that is after they find out their parents are dating. Their parents have been dating for a few months now and Cas and Star didn't realize their parents are dating. Keeping their relationship a secret, they use the brother and sister bonding excuse to see each other and hangout all the time. Things get worse when their parents consider marriage. Cas and Star are willing to do anything to stop them from getting married, if it means their own relationship will be saved. There will be other issues tackled in the story as well. (My newest story) (Special thanks to Just Silly Me for being my Beta Reader for my story 'Diagnosed with Love' =P)

That Invisible Feeling (On hold, for now) - Nikki is a child of divorced parents, she lives with her mom and step-dad. When they leave Nikki at home for a three month vacation Nikki goes to stay with her dad. Spending a week in a rush for an important day Nikki gets into an accident. When she wakes up everyone is acting different around her, like she doesn't exist. While trying to figure out what's going on Nikki is being unknowingly followed by a dark force. Nikki has to decide to give herself up to it, to save the world or to rewind time and prevent the accident from ever happening and live her life oblivious to the fact that the world is going to die in fourteen days. (This story is NOT mine, it is my sister's beautiful work of art. I like this story of hers, it has a catchy plot to it, because we've all been in- or know someone's who's been in a complicated family, right? She hasn't sent me chapter two for me to post, but she's working on it.)

Once Upon A Christmas (Coming Soon) - A four way Christmas story. Not all Christmas' end in disaster... or do they? These are stories from the heart. Some of the stories cross paths and are linked in a way and others don't. Story 1: How long can you be married before you realize... you've never had an anniversary? Story 2: If you're married and you're attractive co-worker starts hitting on you... what do you do? Story 3: When you have a girlfriend who doesn't want to be alone because she thinks someone's going to murder her- like her parents were murdered... how do you comfort her... let her know everything's going to be alright... Story 4: How do you tell your boyfriend to stop spending his every pay check on you? Love doesn't speak in the language of money!

The stories that i am mostly focusing on right now are Four-Teen: Too Young and my newest story, Diagnosed With Love. Also, i am starting a new story, that actually doesn't have a title yet, but hopefully will soon. Main characters Matt and Treasure (recently created characters), are cool characters. I'm trying to work out the first few chapters to see where it's going. Matt, was created off my little brother, who has a lot of influence and inspiration on what i put into my stories, so some of the scenes are real, some are exaggerated, and everything that doesn't fall into those categories are pure imagination. That will be the next story i focus on. I have rewritten 'The Reincarnation's Mistake' (I might be changing the name since i have changed the contents...) I think the first chapter rewrite turned out pretty good so it deserves some attention ...

Favorite characters ... God, that's such a hard thing to pick. The deadly threesome are definitely my favorite out of the girls. Those include: Chieko, Sangoya, and Star. They were our first three girl characters created. They have rough patches, but they're like sisters. (Sangoya and Chieko are actually sisters). I especially love Star and Sangoya, who tend to fight and then minutes later want to go shopping. (They're so weird). Those two actually started out pure enemies and their sister relationship grew as the story progressed. NO, i will not be posting our RP's, only the stories we created with the same characters. Simply because plagiarism is so fierce now, we're not taking the chance of posting them, period. (They're our babies) Second, my favorite boys ... i think those are the hardest to pick out of them all, but i think the three stooges have to be my favorite out of the boys. Those include: Cas, Chris, and Darell. Again, those were our first boy characters. I think i tend to have favorites that lie around when we first started writing, because we still have those characters. They boys, i could say so much about them it would fill a novel, but i won't. Cas, very unique. He is my sister's character indeed but god i love him. He hates people, he was born and raised off of hate, ... (I'll work more on him, he's not mine so it's a little difficult to master his personality. My sister is the mastermind of his creation. She's creepy to have created Cas, he creeps even me out sometimes.) Chris, my lovable idiot, he's my character, a little slow to get the joke, and smart when you need him to be, call him the calm one out of the bunch. None-the-less i love my little idiot. Darell (sister's character), i think he's my favorite, favorite. He's been through a major change as far as his personality going from Dark and gloomy to well, two words: Sexy, pervert. That's all i'm going to say about him. So those are my favorites, but i love all of our characters, for sure. They all have their unique weirdness to them.

Claimer: Ralph, Starlight (Star), Chieko (Chi), Darell (Dar), Christian (Chris), Sangoya (Sang), Casicune (Cas), Cherish (Cher), Chase, Candie (Can), Davieon (Dav), Sparkle (Sparks), Honey (Hons), Patience (Pat), Pheobe (Phebs), Terrence (Terr), Dominic (Domi), and Nikki (Nik) all are original characters that belong to me and my sister. We use them as main characters in our stories. We started writing multiple stories off of them, from our RP's we created. A lot of people have read them and have really enjoyed them, so i decided to post them up for everyone else to enjoy too. I personally love our characters. (DO NOT PLAGIARIZE THEM!) We take pride in our characters and have spent time developing their personalites, they are very unique and they're hard to imitate, but we'd rather you didn't try.

Okay, enough rambling, thanks for stopping by and i hope you enjoy my stories, i love them all. Let me know if you're interested in a story i don't have published.

~Chu-Chi Bear or -CCB for short. (Now borrowing a sign-off from Just Silly Me (who's awesome, by the way =P))

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