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Hey, 'tis me, The Hermione Granger Fan Club with some quick stats on moi 'cause I couldn't be stuffed completely revamping my bio.

NAME: You can call me Emily. Or Em, if you like. You must be mental if you think I'm giving you my last name. *SMILES SERENELY*

AGE: Over fourteen, but under eighteen.


FAVOURITE BOOKS: All of the Harry Potter and 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' books, anything by Robin Klein, Ros Asquith, Morris Gleitzman, Frank McCourt, Jeffrey Eugenides and Jacqueline Wilson.

FAVOURITE FILMS: 'The Butterfly Effect', 'Snow White' (the one with Monica Keena and Sam Neill), 'The Craft', 'Ghost World', 'Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within', 'Girl, Interrupted', 'Mulan', 'Anita and Me', the 'X-Men' movies, the 'Charlie's Angels' movies, 'The Virgin Suicides', 'A Life Less Ordinary', 'Romeo + Juliet', 'The Hairy Bird', 'Swordfish', 'Moulin Rouge', 'Chicago', 'The Emperor's New Groove', 'Interview With the Vampire', 'Treasure Planet', 'Queen of the Damned', 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban', 'Shrek', 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl', 'Lilo and Stitch', 'Perfect Blue', 'Spirited Away', 'Psycho' (the old version), 'Love Actually', 'Bridget Jones's Diary', 'Angela's Ashes', 'Rabbit-Proof Fence', 'Run Lola Run', 'Peter Pan', 'Gothika', the 'Mummy' movies, 'The Sweetest Thing' and 'The First Wives Club'. What can I say, I love films.

FAVOURITE ACTRESSES: Famke Janssen, Jessica Alba, Drew Barrymore, Lucinda Davis, Venus Terzo, Geneva Locke, Kirsten Dunst, Maggie Blue O'Hara, Halle Berry, Kathleen Turner, Peri Gilpin, Megan Leitch, Lisa Ann Cabasa, Elizabeth Berkley (all the Berkley-bashers can go to hell- I think she's cool!), Rosario Dawson, Meghan Black, Fairuza Balk, Jonah Glasgow, AJ Cook, Kelly Sheridan, Anndi McAfee, Lenore Zahn/Zann/?, Valarie Rae Miller, Shirley Henderson, Cameron Diaz, Piper Perabo, Nicki Lynn Aycox, Melissa Galianos, Chelse Swain, Jenna Marie Gooch, Leslie Hayman, Chandeep Uppal, Ming-Na Wen, Fleur Saville, Maggie Smith, Charlize Theron, Hanna Hall, Vanessa Lee Chester and Shireen Crutchfield.

FAVOURITE ACTORS: Jamie Bell, BD Wong, Brad Swaile, Jensen Ackles, James Woods, Christopher Lloyd, Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellen, Jeffrey Licon, Hugh Jackman, Lionel Wickcliffe, Chris Potter, Orlando Bloom, Vik Sahay, Jason Isaacs, James Kirk and Allessandro Juliani.

FAVOURITE MUSIC ACTS: Sugarcult, Marilyn Manson, Evanescence, Ani diFranco, Letters to Cleo, Korn, Godsmack, Garbage, The Offspring, No Doubt, Placebo, Prodigy, the Cranberries, TLC, Weezer, Chevelle, Tragically Hip, Alicia Keys, Spiderbait, Poe, Portishead, Nirvana, Our Lady Peace, Butterfly Boucher and Halfcocked.

LOVES: Staying up late, when teachers don't show up for class, motorbikes, drawing, everything X-Men (comics, movies, cartoons, Hugh Jackman), Jeffrey Eugenides' absolutely phenomenal mind, lemons, leather, blackberry Soothers, tattoos, song parodies, writing, giggling, New York (not that I've ever been there... dammit...) Hermoine the Modern Girl, martial arts, black, being fangirly, ornate knives, Barcelona, shocking people, gold, red, not being ignored, the city, reading, Emily Strange, depressing poetry, hair dyed shocking colours, ghost stories, taking the piss out of things, coffee, my Mooks sweatshirt, purple, boxing, being right, X-Entertainment, Television Without Pity, dancing, the soundtrack of 'The Virgin Suicides', my sadly-discarded-because-of-their-being-too-small boots, MAD magazine, New Orleans (not that I've ever been there... goddammit...), and singing.

HATES: Being snubbed, my older sister, Britney Spears' music and attitude, the Backstreet Boys, pop music, my new house which is a cockroach-infested shithole, people who talk AT you but not TO you, my disgustingly bitten nails, bad grades, nasty teachers, bitchy older students, school uniforms, Sweet Valley High, Babysitter's Club, public speaking, being ignored, Wimpy Movie Rogue (who is a disgrace to the character), people who shove in front of you in the lunch line, flames, preps, short skirts, anything that's pink and eating the same thing for dinner every single night.

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