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Hey, everybody!

How's it hangin'? My name's not important, don't you think it'll be more exciting that way?

I wasn't interested in writing or even reading untill I started 6th grade. In 7th grade I seriously considered being a writer cuz I loved it so much.

Anyhoo, I'm gonna do my very best writing my stuff on the computer and posting it for all of you to read.

You see, I find it easyer to write by hand and it's very hard writing it over on the computer. But I'll do my very best!!

I don't really know what else to write here, though...

Umm...I'm a member on (that other site, that resembles this one, ya know) under the very same name.

Well, I hope you'll like my stories. I'll do my best with my imagination and my ideas.

Age: 17, for now. My birthday is in November the 25th and I was born in 1989.

Hair: Keeps changing color but originally it was dark brown.

Eyes: Dark brown. (Sometimes red and yellow when I put mu lenzes on)

Hobbies: Writing, drawing, singing, reading, talking about my hobbies and writing some more.

I'll be frank with you. I really dislike it very much when people don't review. Anything. A word, maybe two. Just write SOMETHING! It makes my day. (For about ten minutes)

Yaoi and slash is something I adore! I sorta have a twisted imagination, so mortals be warned.

If you read one of my stories, then PLEASE read the others, too! You may notice a red string in it all.

Or not.

I any case, besides 'The Life of a Teenage Boy' I write in a supernatural sort of way.

Just so you know.

Hope to get more of my stuff out soon.

Hope you will like them once I do.


I must ask you to shout out to my very first fangirl! Tomiko90! I love you, baby! You made my spirit go waaay back up before I managed to hit the bottom of the barrel! (Now, you're all "What the hell is she babbling about?!" And you're right. I am babbling here)

I suggest you check her out cuz she blows me away. crying dramatically It's people like her that makes me like mankind.

Also! If you R&R mine, I'll R&R yours! I love to read and have the tendency to give several R&R's at one day.

OMG! I've just been into re-reading my Yaoi-manga and when I got to Hybrid Child by Shungiku Nakamura I totally started crying! Im not talking the girlish kind of crying, here!

No, I'm talking sobbing, snot running and wet pillow and pages in the book!! I keep crying everytime I read it!

I strongly recommend it to all of you guys!!

Kyaaahh!!! I just Love it!!!


Black Knights Vol. 1

I strongly recomment it to those who likes magic. I started writing when I was like twelwe or thirteen years of age. It starts kinda slow but I assure you it will get better by the second Volume. Just try it out and I promise you will get attatched to - at least one of - the charaters. There are a different personality for every character - (except for the minion demons) - And I can't belive myself that I've continued writing untill today. I just haven't put anything on the computer yet byt I'm working as fast as I can. I can hardly wait for the characters to get older so that the stories can get more exciting. - (You know, sex, boys, girls, dating and stuff like that) - It just didn't work out for me when I wrote the first Volume because I was so childish.

The Tales of Black Knights

It's a description of "Black Knights" and it's characters. I tried to write as much as possible without telling too much about future chapters. I recommend that you read it before moving on the "Black Knights" story.

The Life of a Teenage Boy

I wrote that one when I was thirteen also. I had just watched "Gravitation" on the internet and I loved it. So I thought I'd come up with my own idea that was based on the anime. - (And I thought I was being all creative by putting a sister in but then I read the manga and got the shock of my life) - It all takes place in England and I wasn't the best at describing places and giving a reason to why the main character lived there when he was originally from New York. - (Man, I got my ass whipped in a review for that mistake) - But it's basically a yaoi story that takes a lot of thinking - (or a walk in my mind) - to understand.

Under Her Controll

So, I started it when I was like fifteen years old. - (I think age matters here) - I got this whole idea to a story and I hope to Allmighty Powers that there isn't some movie or book that I copied it from cuz I thought really hard to make it. So it's about this girl named Cleo. Her family died and she can no longer live in her own house. So she moves in with her best friend. Who renovated the whole room specially for her. (Importnat note this one) But before she came to live with her friend - (Who's name is Jennifer, by the way) - she accidentally meets a vampire and accidentally accepts powers that she has no clue what to do with, wich later shows that she has controll over the very vampire that tried to kill her. His name's Chris, by the way. I made it up all by myself - (at least I think so) - so give it a go, okay?

The Undead of My Dreams

So most of my stories come to me through my dreams. This one didn't have an ending, I just woke up in the middle and couldn't for my very life figure out how it ended. But it's basically about vampires, incestuous relationships, love that is bad and twisted thoughts. Oh, and very, very hunky vampires. The maincharacter is a girl - (surprise, surprise) - and she is a vampire. The one that "sired" her sort of speak dosen't really have a name cuz I never heard one in my dream. I only heard the maincharacter's name and her sister's name. How akward, right? I like it though. I sat up all night writing it from a notebook to the computer.

The One Black Knight

It may sound like it, but it isn't at all like the "Black Knights" story, I just thought the name fitted with this one, too. In my head, it kinda reminds me of the "Tokyo Mew Mew" manga. You know, the cute kind with the fuzzy hearts and pink clows flying around everywhere. And the hero in this story - (who is a little girl) - transforms herself with the help of a little spoon - (No, that wasn't wrongly spelled, you read it right) - that she carries around her neck. I didn't think of an ending for that one, either but I'm working on it.

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