Slightly Bruised And Broken
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hey! i'm 14 years old. don't really know what to say, but i love orchestra(all music), sewing, running, and tennis. looking back on it, looks like i run away from everything. i'm not doing that anymore. a whole mess of crap happened to me and they are all long stories. i usually feel like a horrible person and it usually shows. it is a wonder i have as many friends as i have. music running and writing are the only things that make me happy. i escape my problems by music and like i said running away from them. literally! i run for miles when i have a tough time. i don't say what's wrong, but i write it. when i am not i basicly sit around like i am in a coma.

that was the past me. after going through last year i have realized a lot more things, good and bad. but now have a better outlook on life so don't think that i am on of those people who hurts themselves intensionally. i used to be not anymore. i'm devoted to a lot of things but the main thing is God. From my writing you probably wouldn't be able to tell. but a recent opifiny showed me to tell the world of my religion and spread God's word.

Aim:loveorchestra and hil2692

Guilty pleasures: listening to backstreet boys even though i favor rock music. designing clothes that are quite crazy.

So make me promises girl the kind i know you can keep. and while i'm losing my mind i hope your home find asleep. cause you and i both that that's not the case cause the look on your face gives all your secrets away.--Hit The Lights

Did you know you were the one that made love a four letter word?--Jamison Parker

I wanna run but only far enough to make you miss me--Boys Like Girls

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