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If you guys are going to post my work or links to my work places, please let me know first. A good friend found that someone had created me a profile on Goodreads and listed A Textbook Case. I'm NOT being butthurt about this, please note :) I'm just worried about the fact that I have a full story posted with basically no copy rights and that people are posting me places without my permission, thus bringing in more outsiders.

I will most likely be taking down the ending of ATC and not posting to fictionpress anymore -- However, I will be posting to my Livejournal, which will be friendlocked. Gotta comment to be added, but I'll more than likely add you. :) Haven't decided quite yet, but I think this will be the direction I'll be going.

Again, Not being butthurt about this whole affair, just being cautious :) I don't think I'd have a leg to stand on if someone published ATC and there was a copyright war. Better safe than sorry.

Unfinished works will remain here and new thing will be posted to my livejournal- probably will stop posting here? Maybe? Again, undecided.

Livejournal link:

http:// imalime.livejournal .com/

P.s. Sorry for spamming your inboxes with the multiple ATC "updates". I was having a lot of trouble with formatting on Fictionpress and it kept eating my link.

AUGUST 22 - As of July already, everything is up on LJ and down here. I doubt I'll be posting here anymore. Too much of a headache. Sorry everyone, come play on Livejournal if you're interested!


Error-Author- Commonly known as ‘Kayla’

Order: Writer

Family: Fiction

Species: Man-love


Born on January 5, 1989, this particular ErrorAuthor goes by the real name of Kayla. She continues to reside in her birth place of Manitoba, Canada.

She took a real interest in fiction in 2004. Since then, her interest in the hobby has increased exponentially until it becoming what it is today: A strange obsession.

Oddly enough, the writing has slightly warped her mind- even so far as to allow her to believe she may one day make a living out of her writing. Researchers, however, know from other studied cases that writers who follow this outlandish belief often perish under bridges, huddled in cardboard boxes, chewing on old shoes for sustenance. The lack of income they tend to experience is often their downfall- following their craft loyally to the bitter end.


ABJD's (Have seven XD), horses (er, four lol to be fair, my dad is the cowboy of the family), Writing (... Yeah, that's something in common with a lot of people here on FP hey?), drinking eight cups of caffeine a day, lighting too much incense in my room and getting ill, leaning over candles and accidentally setting the tips of my hair on fire, slipping into multipersonalities, suffering from frequent retarded anxiety over stupid things, and many more.


Disclaimers: Unrealistic happenings, mysterious lacks of plot, dodgy characters, a suspicious lack of female characters, a surplus of homosexual romance, often confusing proceedings, uneven chapter lengths, disappearing secondary characters, people with issues, odd male PMS, stuttering, and quite a lot of gay.

Warning: May cause nosebleeds, squealing, character attachment, and/or itchy, tired eyes. The author does not endorse an unhealthy lack of bathroom breaks and uneven nutrition/hydration while reading. Not for the following people types: Ignorant, Close-Minded Types, Homophobes, Younger Audiences, Older Audiences, and Caffeine-Sensitive Individuals.

I appreciate any criticism and will do my best to fix anything suggested. Drop me an email if you want, I'm friendly, if a little insane, heh. ( )

I do not respond well to flamers. I think flaming is a utterly childish act. I will not try to justify myself nor will I get angry and flame you back. You will recieve no reply and will be blocked and reported. Please, let's be mature adults here.

Some of the Best Work on Fiction Press

ObscenelyAboveAverage - lurvely lurvely stories here folks; lots of pretty boys in fun scene set ups, oh yes. Be warned, you start, you get addicted. Home for boys, vampires, and sexy characters, Oh my!

Deaths Requiem - Looking for an epic? Here is a world, a species, and touchable real characters all created from scratch. Take a wander into Etherworld and prepare to be ensnared and spellbound. Or, on the flip scale, looking for a pretty city boy with an attitude trapped at summer camp? Whatever suits your fancy, she's got it on her page.

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