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What can I say? I'm an teenager who's trying her hand in the fearful world of writing, okay, not really, but it sounds good.

Let's see, I'm 23 and at USC. On top of that I'm Asian complete with a crazy Asian Mother.

Er...what else can I say?

I've taken an interest in writing for a while, just my muses tend to go on strike a lot. And when I do get inspiration I don't have time to write it and it goes bye bye. So...not a lot of stories yet.

I do review stories when I have the time.

Current Projects:

Candle on the Water: The darkness came for me but I always had a bit of light at the end. (Completed)

The Care Taker - Companion piece to Candle on the Water (Completed!): My mother slipped into the dark and I could only watch.

Bittersweet- A collection of drabbles and one shots centered around short love stories that get rather twisted along the way.

Flatline-Another rather sad story? Completed

Musing Projects that may or may not get done:

Letter- Another short story that's to come, maybe. Synopsis: She found a letter addressed to her after her father's death, the father she never really knew...

Reviews are loved, and I review when I have time as well.

Plans for my writing:

I specialize in tragedy it seems. Anyhow, I've been doing mother daughter stories a lot. Next time I'll attempt a father daughter story and expand the family stories. After I get those muses out of my head, I want to try my own hand at a different genre, like fantasy. Maybe even a bit of romance. Tragedy always seems to be in there though. xD

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Fairest of them All: The True Tale of Snow White
The tale of Snow White has now widely circulated through our kingdoms. However, the version they hear is one that is spun from sugar, made to make the children sigh with the hope of being able to chase after their own happily ever after. My true tale or rather, our tale is far more...gruesome.
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