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Hey, this is Mango Smoothie, which is of course, is not my real name. I have a bad habit of leaving months between my updates, but don't worry, I'll get to them eventually.

But the one thing I ask, if you do read one of my stories, please review. I don't care if you hated it, I want to know your opinions.

Gifted: My first every story on FictionPress. It's one of those high school stories that don't really have an end. It's about seven kids (and soon to be nine) who find out they have SUPER POWERS! Sounds bad, but if you read it, it's much better than the sum of its parts. Rated for language, but other than that, nothing really bad about it. So check it out! Each part of this story is broken into parts, or episodes, whatever. (For example, And The Plot Thickens and Enter the Shengs are two different plots, set in two different times, but for the most part, with the same main people. It's like a new tv episode, same show, different episode. I know it sounds weird, but if you read it, it'll make sense.) So if you think one of them is boring, you can skip to the next episode. (Another example, if you feel tired of reading And The Plot Thickens, you can skip to Enter the Shengs. You'll know you're in a new episode because it starts with Part 1 again. I can very rarely write an episode with less than two Parts, so episodes are ususally very long.) You probably won't miss much, but I'd advise you to read the whole thing just in case I refer back to something in a future plot line/episode/whatever. Each plot line/episode/whatever is set in each month. (Last example, I promise, And The Plot Thickens takes place in October, Enter The Shengs takes place in September only because I have to introduce the twins and how they play into the whole thing. The next plot line/episode/whatever, Party, will take place in November, and so on and so forth.) They're almost ALWAYS in chronological order, so don't worry. If you do get confused, look at a calendar or something, I don't know.

Note: Gifted, is now discontinued. Sorry for my readers out there! I appreciate all the great support!

The Dream: I wrote this short story just recently after I took a nap and woke up to a great dream I had. I usually get a lot of dreams, but this one really jumped out at me. I usually just tell my friends about them and nothing really special, but this time was different. I guess I'd have to reluctantly thank my brother on this one. He was hogging the computer and I wasn't able to sign on to IM all my friends bout it. So being majorly bored I started writing a story on some paper and now it's published. It's my first ever real tackle at the humor section and hopefully people will enjoy it and think it funny, cuz there's nothing worse than clicking on the humor category and finding nothing funny. =)

Some Would Call This "Higher Learning": All new story. Somewhat follows Gifted's format, but I might change it up a bit. Interested in another HS story? Check it out. I just started on it, so I hope it's as good as I think it is.

Note: Also discontinued. I was never really happy with it to begin with. A shame since I spent a whole night imagining up the characters. Perhaps I shall tackle it later on, but for now, no.

Normalcy Isn't an Option: Another brand spankin' new story. Like it a little bit more than SWCTHL, but I shouldn't really play favorites. Another gifted story, but a sort of twist. Another one with a huge array of characters. I don't know what it is about me and making so many. I'm sure it scares a few people away due to being so overwhelmed. But that's all right. Only the truly committed stick by!

Note: I figure I'll be rewriting this one. I think it has waaay more potential than Gifted and SWCTHL. (: Not anytime soon, however.

Currently Working On: As of 7/30/09 It's been nearly a year since I've done anything on Fictionpress. I have been writing, yes, but just haven't published anything yet. Please refer to the status of my other works above. I shall post a new story very soon. It's my first time attempting to use a Beta and I hope the experience turns out all right! As for future writing to look forward to, I have a super hero story that I absolutely adore and quite a few romances. Look out for them and thanks for all the love!

Anything else I can put on here? Feel free to tell me!

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