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Hello Everybody

I love to write; stories, poems and songs. I also love to sing, but nobody seems to be willing to listen :P ...

Besides that I'm very talkative and extremely honest (or as others like to say, Bitchy) That's all there is to say I think.

I haven't been too active on here, apart from the one shots...longer stories never seem to be finished. Looking back they are not exactly wonderfully written. The past few years I have focussed more on fanfiction. Look me up on fanfiction.net, the same username as here. I learned from writing those stories and hopefully I'll be able to post something new here as well.

"The chapters of me Life" (being rewritten slowely, nothing new up yet)

A story of a 20 year old girl that is trying to find her place in life.

These are her thoughts combined. Sometimes there is no logic in them and somestimes so much truth.

"...Welcome to my life..". ( discontinued)

This was my first ever english story. Not hard to tell I am sure. Who knows, someday I might rewrite it.

It's about a girl named Kathy who has the life everybody wishes to have secretely...well from what they see on the outside. In reality she has a dreadful life where no choise is ever her own and no family member is ever on her side. To coop with this all she is living a secret life next to the one that her parents have pointed out for her but as time goes by it's getting harder to hide everything. And then she meets Dylan, besides the fact that he is into punk he is a guy...two reasons why she will never be allowed to see him. Yet it's not like she ever listened to her parents before, so why start now?
But then everything falls apart as Kathy is betrayed by a friend and the real pain begins...

I've also added a few one shots which I'm hoping you'll like. Some are like a biography whereas others are just plain fiction. Let me know what you thought of them!!

I hope you'll like it...let me know and hopefully soon I will post more stories and more parts of this one as well.

P.S. I would love some feedback on my stories! Do you like them...do you hate them...is there something to improve (most likely)? I'd really like to know!


August 10 2012: I didn't realise how long it had been since I updated this profile...Four years :$. I still write. Just not these stories anymore. Currently working on fanfiction and a story I hope to publish someday. However, I will try and post some new stuff here as well. It's been too long!

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