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Every time you write, you create a world that did not exist before ... a place where the characters become real and bow to your every will ... where knights in shining armor save the day or where heroines fall for the cold-hearted villain ... where love and sorrow are so entwined that they cannot be separated ... a place where magic is the commonplace ... Welcome to my Worlds ...

When I'm not writing, I'm thinking about writing, and when I'm not thinking about writing, I'm sleeping.

I'm still evolving as a writer, developing my style and finding my niche, so my stories will seem rather random for now, as I have a wide range of interests and a head full of ideas (which are currently expressed in unfinished works that are only about five pages long). My goal is to at least rewrite my works three times before sending them off to publish, because as of now they are not perfect, and I am not so proud as to be unable to admit that they can always be improved upon, either in length, language, or detail.

For those who must question my choices and what they will most likely see from me, I will always weave an element of romance into the story, whether it be the primary focus or just a tidbit of interest in the background, it will be there. I am also fond of the supernatural fare, particularly vampires and werewolves, but I find it much easier to write contemporary novels with humorous undertones. I sometimes weave the two, and try to create my own hybrid creature of supemporary comedies (I certainly hope that supemporary is not a word!).

As of yet, I only have one finished work, which has received much response (thanks to everyone!), and one that I am currently updating (again, thanks to all who read and review!). I hope to continue to get works out, and that they will be received as openly as the ones posted already. Thank you everyone!


Yours Truly.

Tears of My Heart.Soul of My Mind


May 31, 2009

Okay, I'm pretty sure that "An Eternity with You" is ... not dead, but definately in a coma. A writer's block induced coma. Sorry everyone, I'm trying to get another chapter written, or perhaps another story, but for now, its very up in the air.

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