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This is 96Nessa profile. Please proceed with caution don’t not enter lightly. If you so choose as to enter then please be careful everything I do and touch gets fucked up. So if you are hit by a truck in the next few days then I’m sorry. Or if someone brakes into your house, I’m sorry some of my bad luck has rubbed off on you. If this should happen take some salt and throw it over one shoulder, then find a four leaf clover. What ever makes you feel safe?

I don’t have any special features. I’m not a site to look at. I don’t really have a special food, but I do like pears pretty good. I have friends, but they don’t know me that well. I just met my dad only five years go, but only found out here recently that he's an asshole. Guess my mom was right about him. See for the last couple of years I thought he was a great guy, only to find out just about everything he did or said was a lie. How fucked up, but then again my life is/has been fucked up for a while. But whose isn't anymore?

I live in the middle of no where and don’t have a car to go any where, so I’m stuck in this god forsaken town, that has nothing in it to do, but go to the liberty. Guess it's a good thing I like to read. My mom keeps saying were going to move, but really I doubt we will. She's always saying we're going to do this and that, but it never happens. But hell what else is new?

So now as I'm in my senior year in high i think, "man this years going to be a breeze." That'swhen my mom downs the boem. "Where moving in a couple of weeks." So I'm completely stun when i hear these words. i mean i new she wanted to move but in the middle of my fucking senior year!! Isn't that just completely fucked up? As much as i wanted to move out of this hell hole i kind of still wanted to stay, but only for one reason. I wanted to continue to go to the same school that I'd been going to for the last three years. I guess i should be use to this though, you see I've never actually stayed at one school long enough to graduated from it. Were always moving every couple of years, which makes it pretty hard to keep up with friends and things like that. So anyway we moved to this town that isn't quite as isolated as the last town we lived in, yet still it may have been bigger but it certainly isn't better. So new house, new town, new school, and new people. Exactly what i wanted to happen during my senior, thanks mom.

So here for the past 2 year I've been writing poetry, but there not that good. Although everyone else says they are. But there family and friends, so they have to say it's good others wise they think it'll hurt my feelings or something. It pisses me off so much. I mean i ask for the truth or if they they think there's something I need to improve on. But they say, 'Oh no, there's nothing you need to improve. It's a really awesome poem.' God i hate it when people say that. There so scare about hurting your feeling that they don't stop to think that you want them to criticize your poems or at least tell them where they need to improve on stuff. Listen to me rant about this, guess I didn't really realize how much it bothered me tell I wrote it do and got it out of my system.

"Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive”

~ Sir Walter Scott

When I first heard this saying it sent shivers down my spine, because it sounded exactly like my life. So since that day I heard this poem I can't get it out of my mind and now it's stuck there for good, I guess. It just fits my life so well and if you think about it, it's possible that it might fit your life as well.

"So here I am in a life that I wish only to leave.

Living with people I never want to see again.

Eating food I don't really like.

Having friends who stick there nose up at me , like I smell.

The only way to get out of this hell is to leave and never look back.

How can I leave the only life I have ever known?

How can I never look back at the few times when I actually laughed?

Can I just turn my back on everything I have ever known?"


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