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Hello there! As I have little time to work on this at the moment, I'll simply throw in a few bullets here and there for you to get the best feel as possible for AlmaDelCore.

- I am a teenaged girl, one who is 19 years of age.

- I tend to gravitate towards romances, because I am quite the ultimate hopeless romantic. It can't be helped, considering my boyfriend spoils me with compliments, hugs, and sour gummy worms. I still have a general appreciation for fantasy stories, but as I mature more, I feel as if my love for them is waning. We shall have to see.

- I am a strong Christian, one who actually makes an attempt to walk out her faith, and will therefore not have anything explicit in any of my stories, whether it be language or during some sort of romantic scene. The worst I've been known to say is the word 'crap,' and you will not find anything more extreme in my writings.

- While writing is one of my passions, so is singing. I am majoring in Commercial Vocal Music and minoring in Creative Writing now at the college of my dreams, as I have decided that while I will most likely not have a steady job once I graduate, it is a much better idea for me to follow my passions instead so that I will be happy.

- I write a lot of short stories. A random word, or phrase, or idea will inspire me, and then I'm off like a shot. For whatever reason, I can write ten of these in a day, but find a chapter for my longer stories nigh on impossible to write unless I'm incredibly inspired.

In regards to updates, methinks that The Prison of Silk can be considered on a semi-hiatus at this point. I continue doing my best to write a chapter, but I can't get beyond the third page in Microsoft Word, and that is extremely annoying. My mind is focusing moreso on Don't Stand So Close to Me for whatever reason, though updates for that are going to come along incredibly slowly as well. The Honors Program that I'm in down here at my university is very intensive, and there's a large workload, which means that most of my writing is done in a spiral notebook during a slow shift of work or a boring lecture. But please, hold on with me! I swear I shan't let my stories die!

Without further ado, please enjoy my stories!

-Random Facts about How I Write Short Stories-

~My characters never have names, protagonists or otherwise.
~If the protagonist is a male, he most often has a problem with unrequited love. He tends to be very visually-minded, and he has a habit of reminiscing. He is a rather quiet individual, but fiercely protective and jealous as well.
~If the protagonist is a female, she is very prone to angst. The storylines and endings are more open for general interpretation. She often feels relatively worthless, or like she has lost someone. She is not necessarily traditionally lovely.
~The titles are most often one word, and happen to be what first comes to mind when I think of what I wrote.
~If the characters think something specific, shown with italics, it is often quick, abrupt, and blindsiding.
~Most stories begin fairly abruptly, with a quick sentence that has its own paragraph.
~Most stories end fairly abruptly, with an allusion to what might occur in the past, or a faint feeling, physical or otherwise, that the protagonist possesses.

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