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Author has written 2 stories for Historical, and Humor.

thesarius: perfectionist, competitive, a dreamer.

-drinks lots of tea (3-6 cups a day) and gets cranky when deprived of it.

-incapable of writing "good" heroes: all characters are evil/ "bad" in some way. Loves characters that are manipulative and overly ambitious.

-in love with semicolons, uses them unless coming to a full stop. :)

-highly enjoys puns

Quote: "Everybody makes mistakes; that's why they put erasers on the back of pencils." Lenny from the Simpsons.

A good story is one that can be read multiple times and - despite the fact that the reader already knows the plot twists and surprises after the first reading- still be entertaining, though perhaps in a different sense. In a good story, a plot twist, or surprise or any action for that matter, cannot be haphazardly added at the author's whim. There must be clues dropped throughout the story, such that all events are both logical and accounted for. -Lawrence Perrine.

Status on stories:

May 07

Honratsu: removed for reconstruction. I have written the first 6 chapters and planned out the entire story to the detail, but the quality of writing is not up-to-par. As a result, the story needs revamping. For now, I will focus on the more popular story Pharaoh.

Pharaoh: still going strong. Updates will be slower now since I am nearing the end of my detailed planning. I know the major events and the ending of part I (there will be 2-3 parts) (and actually I have planned part 2 and 3 as well, while we're on the subject of progress), just not exactly how the characters will get there. The planning for chapter 6 is complete and only the writing remains. Reviews and constructive criticism always welcome.


July 08/07-Expect Chapter 6 soon! Just starting final editing process.
July 16/07-Chapter 7 half completed

July 24/07-Chapter 7 completed. Initial editing also completed and into its final editing process. Expect it soon!

August 24/07-Chapter 9 complete. Only final edit left. Planning for chap. 10-12 complete.

October 16/07 -just a quick note to say two things: first of all, no I have not abandoned Pharaoh. I just lack the time time to work on it; and second of all, thank-you to all those who reviewed Pharaoh for Ch. 9. You guys are awesome. :)

December 29/07-Ch 10 up.

June 8/08 -Ch. 11 completed and undergoing editing.

June 14/08 Ch. 12 on its way.

July 30/08 -Expect Ch. 13 soon! Planning is complete up to chapter 20 (end of part I). =D

November 10/08 -It's been a while, I know, but Ch. 14 is in final edit stage :):) yay. And Ch. 15 has been started.

April 18/ 09 - Ch. 16 a quarter complete. Somehow I managed to write and finish Ch. 24 instead! The updates are coming slower now. I am in the middle of exam season, so once it's done, I can complete and post Ch. 16 =D Hope no one hates me too much for Ch. 15.

August 02/09 - Expect chapter 17 soon.

April 3/10 -

Hey you guys, I don't even know if people read these profiles, but just in case, I want to re-iterate that Pharaoh has not been abandonned. I am currently facing a writer's block and am quite stressed with school. Once summer comes, I'm all yours =) Thank you to everyone who has emailed and added this story to their favourites list. I really appreciate it and it is my motivation to continue. Thanks again you guys!

June 4th/10 -Chapter is complete and going through editing.

July 23 -Chapter 19 posted. Chapter 20 complete.

May 2012- Chapter 25 coming soon!

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