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Hello fellow readers and authors on FictionPress!

I'm 23 years old and have been writing since I was 12 or 13 (I can't remember the exact age). My love for writing probably stemmed from my love of reading. I started writing for FanFiction when I was 14 and continue to do so (when I'm in the mood).

More about me: I'm a lesbian Wiccan feminist with a Psychology degree. I make friends easily and am an outgoing person. My hobbies include reading, writing (duh!), collecting shotglasses, hanging out with friends, and sleeping.

I read a wide range of books including romance, fantasy, action, and anything else that catches my eye. I love action/romance movies, but I am not big fan of chick flicks (I absolutely refuse to watch The Notebook!). My favorite movie is Smokin Aces. I don't have a favorite book, but I do have three favorite authors: Sidney Sheldon, Stephen King, and Michael Crichton.

I love listening to music and sometimes it helps me think of writing ideas. Currently, my favorite song is Over the Love by Florence The Machine.

And now onto business!

I love writing for this site, but I refuse to update my stories until I get reviews. It might seem kind of selfish, but I would like to know if there are people actually reading my work and what they think about it.

I also have many other story ideas occupying my brain and will eventually write those down and put up on the site.

I am currently considering the idea of writing a story with another author. I've done it before, but I've never posted it. So let me know if you are interested or know anybody who's interested.

I have another account on here: Wannabanauthor and two on FanFiction.net: Wannabanauthor and HopelesslyinLike

I also have started drawing out my characters from my stories, and I currently have one of my character Terri posted to my Deviantart: Terri Drawing

For those curious about my novel, you can find more info at my author's website: www.daramichellegray.com

That's about it...if I think of anything else, I'll put it up here.


The Irritating Bodyguard: I'm not sure if I'll even continue this story. I wrote it on impulse, which I have a very bad habit of doing. I might go through with completing it, but it's a long shot.

Never in a Million Years: This story is finished.

Never in a Billion Years: I'm at a loss on how to do this story. It will be on hold until I figure out some type of plot.

Also, I would like to thank The Eternally Heartbroken for being my beta and giving me the awesome feedback that I need. I keep forgetting to acknowledge her?/him? and I would like to do so on my profile page. With The Eternally Heartbroken's Help, I am going to put out better chapters and revise the ones that I have already written.

Happy Reading :)

Update August 4, 2014

So I changed my mind about Never in a Billion Years again. I tried rewriting a new story, but it wasn't working for me. So I will just revise the chapters that I already have and take the story in a slightly different direction. That reminds me, I need to revise Never in a Million Years.

January 17, 2015

I am working on so many things right now, but hopefully I can start updating my stories soon. For now, you can read my Daily Drabbles story. I will update it every day. You can also find those stories on my Author Facebook Page. I also started a Patreon account, so please consider pledging to me on there! I hope you all had a nice Winter Holiday!

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/authordmgray

Patreon Page:

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