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Hello, I am Shadow Sora94, this is my profile! ¡Goce por favor de mi perfil, muchachos y muchachas (Please enjoy my profile, boys and girls!)!

Info on me!

Age: ...why the hell do you want to know? I have a cell phone and will call 911 if you ask me again..

No for real, whats your age: ... And for real, I have a cell phone, and I am NOT afraid to call. 911 right now.

Real Name: Like hell I'm saying! Either call me Shadow Sora94, or just Shadow, if you prefer.

Ancestry/Heritage: Okay, THIS I can answer. I am a Hispanic of Colombion decent. I was born in America, but there is literally not a member of my family you can't trace back to Colombian decent. No joke.

Location: In The Windy City suburbs (if you don't know what that is, and you are truly old enough to know have a account, I am VERY disappointed in you whoever is reading this. F-- in Social Studies!)

Favorite things: The Time Crisis series, The House of the Dead series, Zatch Bell, T.V., The song 'Kinjirareta Asobi', Paranoia Agent, One Piece, light shooter games, Megaman, FMA, Naruto.

Favorite Quotes

The sun sets, the moon rises. The moon sets, the sun rises. Such is life (Me).

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.(Albert Einstein, found in Twilight Memories's profile, a authoress on, profile link is

WHY ARE YOU SURVIVORS SUCH IDIOTS, RUNNING INTO ZOMBIES AND CULTS!? (Me while watching some videos on youtube on Dead Rising the game, and seeing idiot survivors you are protecting actually running into zombies, and sometimes the cult members you encounter in the game like idiots. I have never played the game, just sen it on youtube)

OH MY GOD! CAN YOU RUN ANY SLOWER!? I'M TRYING TO SAVE YOU DAMMIT, DO ME A FAVOR AND RUN FASTER, IDIOT! (Me playing The House of the Dead 1 and 2, when a survivor is being chased by a zombie and you have to save them, getting ticked off that their speed is like turtles. Survivors don't appear in The House of the Dead 3 and 4. My guess is that the zombies took advantage of the survivors turtle speed and did them in)

Your going down Wild Dog! (Me. I say this whenever I fight Wild Dog in a Time Crisis game :P)

There are three kinds of asses. Dumb asses, smart asses, and jack asses. (Twilight Memories, link is once again )

Life happens. Get used to it. (Twilight Memories, once again link is

I’m not famous, I am notorious. (A T-shirt owned by Rahkshi500, a author on as well, profile link is

Silence is golden, but duck tape is silver (A t-shirt owned by one of my friends)

How to get out of trouble:

1.) Don't do anything wrong

2.) Don't get caught.

3.) Blame your friend. (a T-shirt I own)

The Tree of Sephiroth: Since it will play a large row in 'Weapons', here is a picture of the Tree-

And for thos eof you intrested, here is a wikipedia page on the Tree of Sephiroth-

Well, thats all ¡Gracias por leer mi perfil (Thank you for reading my profile)!

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