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Good day.

I'm a weird person who changes emotions in a moment. You might say I'm bipolar--and I'm just saying that I totally agree with you. I don't know why, but my friends always say I resemble a penguin. But I assure you, that I most definitely don't. I am physically normal, and in no way do I resemble the cute creature that has wings but can't fly. I have a good sense of humor and my astronomical sign is Gemini. I can be friends with you, but I won't give you my email or any personal information that may lead you to my home. I love animes, mangas, and other Japanese products even though I'm of Philippine blood. All my stories are written first by hand before I typed it here, and if you see any typos in my stories--that is because I didn't read it thoroughly enough. And if it's about grammar, I'm sorry, but I'm still not an expert in that area.

I can't play any musical instruments--except maybe the flute, but that's just because it was taught when I was in elementary, and all I can play are the basics or the easy 'Silent Night'. So yeah, I suck.

I can't dance, nor can I sing (well, I can, but I'm not good at it). All I think about when buying clothes are 'would it feel comfortable?', and 'I won't look like a loser in this one'. I love sneakers, but I only have one pair. I want to try wearing Converse (or Chucks), but I don't have the money for that. I like charm bracelets, and I have an mp4--though I would like it to be an iPod.

I can draw well though. And, of course, write. What inspired me to write is 'The Mediator' by Meg Cabot--I strongly recommend reading this book--and it's a great book! I started writing when I was 12, in my 1st year of Highschool. I've done lots of stories in my during the years that has passed, but the stories here posted on the internet are the only stories I deemed good enough to show to people. I'm actually quite lazy, so everyone is pretty much in awe that I can have the motivation to write something as long as stories.

My friends are telling me to publish it, but I'm still thinking that it's not good enough to be published. After all, I'm still an amateur.

I also don't think I would be making it my profession in the future, because I'm not really fond of deadlines. In fact, i hate it. I hate being rushed--but I'm not telling you to stop saying 'update soon', okay? You get what I mean? Anyway, writing is merely a hobby of mine right now, and if it became my profession, I'm afraid I might start thinking writing is a pain, because I wouldn't be doing it anymore because I want to--I'd be doing it because I have to. Then I'll eventually get tired of it and run out of ideas and lose my job--which is something that scares me very much.

I have no love life. I crave for it, every now and then, but I enjoy single life to the fullest. I've never had a boyfriend--and no, I am in no way hideous. I'm a bit chubby, but I'll start working on that soon, when I have time--which is something I normally waste on surfing the internet, and writing stories, or other leisurely-sounding things.

In my opinion, love/hate relationships are the best type. Because I hate mushy things, and overly-romantic words and situations. I can stand cliches, but when it's just so overused, and the writer didn't do anything to turn the cliche into something more amusing or interesting, I just leave that story alone. Besides, I love the verbal battles, the tongue lashing and the bodily harm they cause each other. Most of the lead guys are beyond gorgeous, so they naturally turn out arrogant or something. What? It's not that I'm being stereotypical or anything, but don't you agree? 70 percent of the male population--of the hot variety--are absolute assholes because they're aware they're just so damn hot. The remaining 30 percent are most likely gay or taken because they have the good personalities. Right? Right.

Anyway, I'd be glad if you read my stories and give me a very interesting review wherein I can know what I've been lacking and correct my mistakes.

Hope you enjoy my story! :)

(Disclaimer: The profile style below was copied from Jeimii Ruisu--who is a person that I deem very interesting. Her grammar and vocabulary is something that I admire. Especially her style of writing)

Name: Iron Maiden (You always see 'Jessi' as my name, so you can probably guess what my first name is, but I'm telling you, there are a lot of people with the same name as mine.)

Country: Philippines

Religious views: I am a Christian. Do you know the religion 'Church of Christ'? Yes, I belong in that religion. Even though I should really believe in it, I still have my doubts and concerns. Like 'is there really a God?', or other wonders of life. So I don't want you guys criticizing me about my beliefs, because we are two very different people. :) I won't question your beliefs if you don't question mine.

Views on Sexuality: I totally support gay relationships. They are something much more interesting than straight ones. Though you'd experience hardships and discrimination because the majority of the people around you are straight, it's still your choice. And even though you guys can't have babies--that gives the kids in the orphanage a chance to have a loving family, right? Hahaha. I love Yaoi mangas, and if you haven't read one, I suggest you try one, if you're not sickened by homosexual relationships. You can just type 'Yaoi mangas online' in your search engine, and boom! You get what you're looking for. I sometimes think I'm bisexual, because I notice things about girls that are very attractive--and yes, I have kissed girls. It's just an act of affection from me, and I mostly do it as a joke, but I've never really kissed one in all seriousness or with any feelings of love--so it's probably just the common curiosity of 'what would it feel like with the same sex?'. :)

Other: I want to hear what people have to say about my story. Honestly, I'm a bit disappointed with the one-liner reviews, because I was looking forward to finding out what people liked about the story and what they didn't, so I can improve it and make an even better story. So when I get things like, "Great story. Update soon.", I feel disappointed. Don't misunderstand, I'm happy to know someone took the time to read it, and review on it... but I would really like to hear the details to why you thought it was a 'great' story. Tell me who your favorite character is, or what scene you liked, or if I should make this scene more lively or dark. I'm sure other writers think this too, since we all write to hear what people have to say about the things we created in our minds and expressed it through words or the ink of our pens. If it is criticism, we would all gladly welcome it, because it will help us improve. But if it's just a flame, you would all do us a favor to just click the close button on your browser and leave us alone. That way, it benefits us all--because we don't have to waste our time reading your flame, and you don't have to waste your time writing it. But to all those people who gives great and long reviews? We, the writers, thank you with all our hearts.

So, I guess after reading this, you think I'm some weirdo who learned to type and surf the internet. You're not mistaken. Okay, I was kidding about that. I'm normal--perfectly normal. It's really up to you if you will believe it or not. You can share my stories to other people, but I request that you keep my name as the author's. I play Gaia-online, and you can find me there, with the username, -=Urumi_sakura=-, but I always forget to check that site and I only go online there, like, once in 3 months. I have an email-ad, but obviously, I won't be giving it. No, you cannot add me on friendster.

Anyway, since you took the time to read this, that probably means you have a lot of time in your hands--so why don't you go try one of my stories? I would be glad to hear from you.


Current Update:


I am bored. Physics sucks--well, okay, it doesn't. Since it is a very interesting subject, but it's so hard to grasp! Agh! And Trigonometry!! Agh, don't even get me started on that. That subject was made to make teenagers brain-dead. It makes me wonder, 'Do I really need Trigonometry to live?'. Where the hell would I use it?! Do I use the words 'sine, cosine, tangent' in my daily life? Gosh. And it doesn't help that our teacher in that subject is a withering old lady who should just totally retire.

Yes, I am ranting.

This is my profile, and I can do with it whatever I want.

Economics is something I can live with. I can use it to find out if some loser salesman or whatever is trying to scam me. English is something I can really use to live. Because without English I wouldn't have found the joy of grammar and words. Any other subject that I haven't mentioned is a subject that is not something I would especially mention--meaning I neither hate it or love it.

I am working hard on the ending of When Normalcy is Out of Your Reach in real life, so yeah, wish me luck. :)

Current Stories:

On Hold

Category: Romance
Title: Sarcasm is Life
Genre: Romance/Humor
Rating: Fiction Rated: T
Summary: She has a childish whore of a mother who she dearly loves.But
can she get through her Highschool life without going to jail for
murder when her mother drags her to New York, and she meets her crazy
stepsiblings, not to mention but the notorious Gabe too?

Currently Thinking: I'll probably finish WNOYR first before I think about what to do with this. Because I honestly forgot what I actually wanted to do in this story. Maybe when some kind of interesting plot comes to me from this story's first few chapters, I'll try continuing it.

In Progress

Category: Romance
Title: When Normalcy is Out of Your Reach
Genre: Romance/Supernatural
Rating: Fiction Rated: T
Summary: Roxanne Adams was bored. Everything that was happening to her was too normal. And she was really getting sick of it. But then came vampires, demons, werewolves, and other not-so-normal things...and before she knew it, normalcy was already out of her reach.

(Disclaimer: Some things here might seem familiar to you in this story, if ever you've read Lulai's stories 'W is for WHAT?', 'The V word', or 'Xnay on Angerday, s'il vous plait'... Like the concept of 'Joining' and the 'soulmates' thing. That is because I really did got that concept from her. I just made a story that is kind of connected to hers, because her stories of vampires and werewolves are the stories that inspired me into writing in the same kind of genre. I would just like to say that I am not saying that my story is better, because I know that she is better. I strongly recommend that you read her stories. But one of the many difference in her story to mine is that her vampires burn in sunlight, and mine do not. They're just as weak as humans under sunlight. :) So yeah, I'm not taking credit for the 'Joining' idea. :) Lulai, I salute you!!)

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