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January 3, 2003
I'm alive! I truly am! As to why all my stories are gone, I'm taking them offline. Some might be back after being rewritten but the majority (if not all) I have given up on. As to why I've been gone for so long, my excuse is school. Yesiree, now that I'm a Sophomore, my teachers believe I need five hours of homework every night! Little does getting home at 5 help. Worry not fair readers, I will be starting anew. Mostly, I have not been pleased with my previous writings, so they are gone. Now, I will be able to write more satisfactory tales, or so I hope. It may take extended periods of time, however, for me to write though. Not because of writer's block, mind you, I've gotten over that. Instead, I'm working on creating a novel-length story. For my own enjoyment of course.

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