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Oish, I hate writing these...

Okay, first of all, I am in looooove!! I love my God incredibly, and there is nothing that means more to me than Him.

Second, I am a Rebelutionary with an attitude, a Minnesotan with a slight Southern accent, a country girl with a freakish green thumb, and a writer teeming with procrastination and writer's block.

Third, I love herbs, cooking, writing (duh), the country and all that comes with it (yes, even the bugs and snakes and frogs and smells), singing, talking, listening, reading (mostly non-fiction), good movies and a Pot of Happiness on rainy days, the first snow, Orion the constellation, my cats Sambo and Maverick, drooling over old Chevy trucks (preferably mid-70s), mutts, and daydreaming.

Fourth, I dislike rap, hip-hop, heavy metal, most rock, screamo, cussing and explicit sexual innuendo/occurences in movies, books, or conversation, headaches, cramps, microscopic slivers, toothpicks, poorly made "based-on" movies, spoiled brats (adults OR children), hypocrisy, people who complain about their lives but don't do anything to change it, yellow labs, chihuahuas, poodles, pomeranians, beagles, and roosters.

Fifth, I'm thankful for Jesus Christ, forgiveness, mercy, grace, peace, love, mistakes, coffee, good chocolate, my best friends and all the ones in between, my whole family, second (and third, and fourth...) chances, Apple, and FICTIONPRESS (lemme hear a W00T W00T!!).

Sixth, I'm planning on taking down By God's Grace and possibly Battle for Valasika, because they both need major improvements, editing, and I hate the short chapters. I'm currently working on new story that I'm deliberating about releasing...not sure on that yet. I might write some more short stories/oneshots. Hmm, who knows...well, I've talked enough. Ciao, weird person pplz of the world! :D

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A short oneshot. Her heart broke five times, in five ways, in one day, but she still must stay strong for the unexpected life inside her, the only thing left of them.
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