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Well, okie. What am I gonna say about myself? Maybe, I can say that I'm very forgetful??? Seriously, I am. If you wanna know about me, than you're in luck! Just scroll down and you'll find out!

Name: Okie, my name is Obsession of Darkness. Lolz. No way! Really, my name is Olivia. Happy???

Country: Oh! I'm in heaven. Serving people who's still alive. Ha-ha! No, actually, I live in this small country name Singapore.

Religion: Oh! I'm an angel trying to make bad people into good people. Okie, enough joking. I'm a Singaporean! Duh! Oh, Muslim. Wait, Singaporean, does that makes sense???????

Idols: Oh, yeah! My fave is Vanessa Hudgens! She's amazing. Second is Ashley Tisdale. She's cool. Third is the hottie Zac Efron! Wwo-wwoo!

Music: I love Vanessa Hudgens's music! Especially Let's Dance & Baby Come Back To Me! Yeah, that's my fave. I have a lot of bands I like, but not that many! Some of them are, The Click Five, All-American Rejects, Simple Plan, McFly, My Chemical Romance and many more. My sis' have a lot of bands! Her mp4 have about 300 above music! But keep it down, she'll get mad!!!

Family: Okie, I have an elder sis' name...should I tell??? Shari!!! She's 16.Dunno if she'll get mad at me saying her name, I mean, like, who's sis' doesn't???

~Some Fave Movies Quotes~

Eragon - Into the sky! To win, or die!

Let him die with pride, as a dragon rider.

Without fear, there's no courage.

But when we are together, it is our enemies we should be afraid off.

All together as fear, as one!

If a dragon dies, the rider lives on. But when a rider dies, so does the dragon.

I thought we're agreed not to lie to one another, dragon rider.

Brom will be proud, we did it, together.

Easy Saphira, we're gonna go through this together, alright?

Does anyone trust of a word of shade?

One part brave, three parts full

Poor Duzar, I wouldn't tell the king, you failed.

Well, I do know that you're young but I expected more, well, more.

The time of dragon riders, will come again.

Too late, it's hatch.

I could've beat him I just don't wanna hurt the old man.

A dragon and rider are one and fight as one.

All of them know each other cause they work in 'High School Musical'. If some of you don't know. But, Vanessa is my idol before 'High School Musical. I adore when she act Tintin in Thunderbrids. Really. I hope Zac and Vanessa will be together!!! They are so perfect for each other! ZANESSA 4EVER!!! NO ZASHLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZASHLEY IS ASHLEY AND ZAC. BUT NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, did y'all have fun reading that? Or is it boring? Well, anyway, thanx for your time! Feel free reading for more quotes!

Luv Y'all!!!!!!!!

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