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Right, I'm not going to spend ages talking about myself because, let's face it, what you really want is to read my stuff. Right? Isn't it? hint hint.

Anyway... I'll just tell you a bit about me first:

Name: Let's just stick with Agapantha, it's got a history for me.

Age: Whatever suits you, I've been through a lot of different ages (up to 15 anyway) and they all seem the same to me.

Likes: Most things. I'm not picky.

Yeah, we'll continue, 'cos that was so informative.

Dislikes: People who dislike me, and people who are happy for you to review their stuff, but don't make any effort to apreciate you, now I don't mind if they don't want to read my stuff in return, but a reply would be nice, just so's I know they care. ANYBODY WHO REVIEWS MY STUFF WILL GET A REVIEW IN RETURN. And even if you just randomly send me a PM asking for one I won't be able to say no.

Writing style: I don't really know, I guess I try and develop the characters the most because that's what I believe makes a really good story, but I think you'll just have to read and find out.

Authors on this site that I highly recommend:

Kittymobile - Seriously, her work is AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME ('s 'bout vampires) just go onto my favvys n you'll find her.

Desius Piorre - I adore this style, read any one of the pieces he's got up and you'll fall in love instantly.

Virage - Just read it - you'll see.

DarkPegasusiKnight - This is clever writing, real clever.

Ebony-ink - AMAZING!!

Carmel March - This writing is beautiful, so, so beautiful.

Story summary: The Games

Status: The, slightly rubbishy, plot has just been changed and so I'm now faced with the daunting task of filtering through all that I've written already and choosing what I want to keep. This will not, however, affect the rate at which I update as it is already considerably slow imo. 25 Chapters written, 10 Chapters up.

Red Phoenix, cold, calculating Phoenix, is the best. But, through no choice of her own and a little too much ambition, she's been banished from her dangerous life of playing the Games. Four years on and she's thrown back against her will into a world so different from the one she used to know. The Games are dying. Now Phoenix, never the type to rush selflessly to the rescue, is on the hunt for old friends, fighting old enemys and not only delving into the history of the Games but also her own desolate past.

Ok, sorry 'bout that, I think I've probably blabbed on for far too long and you've already clicked on that little blue hyperlink in the corner which says 'hide bio.'

But without further ado I wish to present to you... My personal account!

Oh yeah, P.s. AM BRITISH! now that really is a turn up for the books, well, not really, I have found a few people who are not from America. (I'm pretty Sure 'Fleur-de-lis Evans' is Welsh - I wonder why?) I think it's so cool that people from so far away might actually be reading my stuff!

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