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hey =)

Current News

My name is Emily, I'm trying my very best to post on here again!

I'm currently a full-time college student at Duquesne. Meaning I'm paying about 45,000 -a year- and I'm desperately trying to save up money in my work-study job. Anyways, this was all said just to enforce the notion that I am trying to post on here again. I've found that when classes are done, work is over and my homework can be held off another hour, I have a few minutes to write a story.

Thus, a story has made its way on to my brand new laptop that was begging for some material! Yay! Okay, so now that this has been stated, said story will be posted on here. It is not the best I've written, but it's fun to write so I have no problem sharing it and having a little pressure to write more! I will probably upload the first chapter after I finish updating this and look over some grammatical things!

PLEASE don't think I'm unaware of the major holes in this story. Please also be aware that it was written half out of rage and half as a sort of venting, healthy healing process. As it seems from reading my bio, my life was just about as tragic a year ago as it is now. Go figure, even college can't take you away from your problems back home!

I really hope I can spark some interest in not only this new work, but Roads as well! I would love to update Roads, but the whole story is currently on my computer back home! When I have a break, I'll probably try updating the few chapters I finished a long while ago. I can't say I have the will to finish it right now, but I definitely plan on doing so in the near future.

Future Works

Shadow- the current title of said story from above. I don't know if it's permanent, but it's been working for me so far! Basically, the story of a college-aged male, Jake, who is dating a girl named Lillian. He is hiding from her his biggest, most painful break-up from the love of his life, Isadora. Isadora has pretty much alluded Jake for the past two years, but when her best friend (who also goes to Jake's college) let's him know she's coming to visit, it stirs up old feelings. Jake runs into Isa and things get messy. He ends up breaking things off with Lily, but just a few weeks later she dies in a terrible car accident. NOT meant to be sad, she haunts Jake and seems to either push him towards Isa (at some points) and drive him away from her at others. Jake must deal with the feelings of not only himself and Isa, but her friends and Lily's as well. Not to mention the sarcastic ghost of a teenage girl who never got to live her life (and is still in love with him).

This story is humorous, romantic and at times a little tragic. The story is not meant to dwell on Lily's death though, nor undermined it.

Pay Day - this is just a rough title, but I probably won't change it. Story about a girl named Reese, who has been in one too many bad relationships. She's given up, gladly, now that she's in college. Her roommate is a girl named Adelaide, who is always with her boyfriend, Tristan, or best friend Declan. When Declan starts pursuing Reese, despite being told that she won't be interested, things get strange between Adelaide and Tristan. And when it seems like Reese is just about to trust in love again, the final straw breaks of Adelaide and she goes running to Declan for comfort. So will he choose his best friend, or the girl he knows he can make happy?

-This one is not half as heavy as Shadow. It's a humorous love story with a little ping of sad to keep your heart tugging.

-if you don't have an account on this site, feel free to reach me on my e-mail, [email protected]

-if you have a fanfiction account and not a fiction press account, my pen name on there is also em-uh-li, look me up!

also note I haven't written a thing on there in years!

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