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Okay well this is me, Angel of the Fallen, attempting to write a bio so please do not laugh i beg of thee.

Name: Angel of the Fallen ( but you can call me Nicole if you please)

Age: 16

Hight: 5' 4'' and something else

School: High School

Eyes: Hazel/brown

That's all i can get my lazy self to write about that type of stuff now on to other useless information about myself.

Likes: Reading, writing (although i have no talent for it), sleeping, procrastinating, hanging with friends, making new friends, being random, laughing (if you can make me laugh then we'd probably be great friends), listening to music, being lazy, and a whole bunch of other stuff i can't remember or am too lazy to write.

Dislikes: School, mean and snotty people, irritating people, homework, some teachers, being disturbed when i'm sleeping, having people over my shoulder when i don't want them to, grammar & spelling (mostly because i suck at it...oh well), my alarm clock, morning people (sorry if you are one), fake friends, hypocrites (even though i'm one), well this goes in the hate category: cruelty to animals, and the list goes on but i don't wish to bore you.

Why i'm doing this: I need a hobby and bad i sometimes have too much free time and need something to do. This seemed like the perfect thing, A) i can work on my writing skills (which i need lots of help with) and B) I think it'll be good for me actually i'm counting on that it'll be good for me.

(i read this somewhere and decied i liked it so i copied and pasted it. But by no means is it mine.)

the freshman child so shy and coy secretly admires the sophomore boy

the sophomore boy whose head's in a whirl, all because of the junior girl

the junior girl in her sleek, black sedan is slowly pursuing the senior man

but the senior man so daring and wild is secretly in love with the freshman child


That looks good enough for now i'll add stuff when i feel like it.


Ocean Storm- I hadn't expected my best friend to tell me he loved me. I hadn't expected the next day to meet a really hot guy naked on the beach who i was extremely attracted to. I hadn't expected to choose between my love and the guy i said i would love more than any love. My life was just to boring and average for this to happen; funny how i'd become lifes knew play thing. Okay the preface was posted but i didn't like it and then i lost the first chapter so now i'm currently rewriting it. Yes i'm aware the summary isn't...what it could be so later i will hold a competition or something like it. Title will be changed; no worries.


Although they are not written the plots still belong to me and me alone! If you steal them i'll come after you and like so many other people say i WILL find you! No matter where you hide or how far you run i'll still get you! So don't steal it is very bad and punishable by law! That will be all.)

Not Enough- See that boy over there? Yeah, the really hot arrogant one surrounded by other cool people? Well, he's my target. Oh, wait before i forget, i'm an assasin (The best there ever was) and i'm a witch (future leader of one of the most powerful covens out there)...Did i forget to mention the same guy i have to kill is my crush? Okay this was going to be my baby but i was hit with another idea i just couldn't stop thinking about, plus this one was hard to write down, great sounding in my head but hard to word. Hopefully i can write it soon.

My life Guard- I can't swim. I sink like a rock, maybe even more if that makes sense. I really, really don't like large bodies of water or anything to do with them. So i'm begining to wonder how i ended up best friends with a half a fish who is way to eccentric trying to let me let her give me swiming lessons. (not going to happen) Or how i almost drowned in the community pool to be saved by the hottest, coldest jerk alive! Who i'm sure would have rather let me die! Oh yeah, i know. The crazy bitch pushed me in the pool! Not too sure about this one, it all kind of depends. But if i do write it, it won't be until the story above this one ( i really should come up with a name for it) is either half way done, very stable or done. But like i said before, it all just depends on a how lot of stuff.

Secrets of the UPS- I am a proud member of the UPS and we do more than just deliver your stupid mail. Oh yes, we do much much more. The CIA has nothing on us! In fact, they don't even know we exist. Well, neither would you if wasn't for...This is a maybe too. If it is posted it will most likely be a one-shot or a two-shot and will be co-written. So i can't say to much on this except that i got the idea for this when i saw a UPS truck that for some reason looked suspitous to me. Then i began to wonder what if the UPS was hiding something from the public! And that's that. This won't be up for along while since the person i was co-writing with it hasn't written anything even though it's been months...actually i forgot about it too but i crack the whip on it and remind her to get her ass working on it!!

Princess Rules- I'm not rich, nor extremely beautiful, nor extremely happy. Which basicly means i'm a slave. One who is owned by a monster who only wants money. So is it any surprise that when he comes up with a plan to get rich quick i'm one of the star players? The other being the Prince? Of course it gets kind of tricky pretending to be something your not and falling for the prince doesn't make it any easier. But the life of a slave is never easy, especially when you get caught up in lies, betrayel, and a love that was never meant to be. Quite possibly my other baby but nothing is decided. Yeah i've noticed most of my stories are maybes but i don't want to start more than i can handle so again another maybe. But i like the idea of this one so who knows.

In The Rain- A one-shot that i can hopefully post soon. No summery because it's not yet written it's still in the -i- have- an -idea -how can -i -make -it- a -one-shot phase, but it'll be up soon! Is written down but needs major editing.

NOTE: When it comes to my stories i ask you to be pacient. I'm a procrastinator to the tenth degree and tend to bounce from idea to idea and never settling. That's not good especially for a write i know that but i can't change that. So all i'm asking is for pacientience (even if months and years tick by) and that you remember that i haven't forgotten. Thank you.

If people think

Will annonce in stories soon about a contest of who can come up with the best summary for each one...but that comes later when you know more of what's happening in each story respectively.

Am looking for a beta-reader!! someone who doesn't mind getting to know a stranger (who is incredibly shy/quiet), is pacient, wants to beta, is creative, and doesn't mind giving me a sound kick in the ass (figureatively speaking) to get me working on these stories. Again, Thank You.

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If you hear voices of the characters in your head...copy and paste this on your profile.

If you support the ‘Make Edward change Bella into a vampire’ club, copy this into your profile.

If you have ever pushed on a door that said pull or vise versa, copy and paste this into your profile.

If you are absolutely in love with Stephenie Meyer's fictional character Edward, from Twilight, copy and paste this into your profile

If whenever you see or hear the name "Edward" you freak out and have a small fit because you love him so much, and then people stare at you, copy and paste this into your profile.

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