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Hello. For the newcomers, if you wanna know about me, here's a little bio of myself:

Name: Marie-Claude Barrette (.;;)

Age: I'm 17 !!! Muwahahaha!!!'s cool, but I can't still do anything at this age *sighs*

Sex: Female...and I play video games!!! *laughs evily*

Height: 5'8" (Muwhaahaha!!!I'm proud of it!)

Weight: ...that's none of your business...

Eyes: Blue with some gold

Hair: ...light brown with some blonde lashes...(What's wrong with meeee ???)

Family: Both parents and an older brother

Pets: brother

Favourite hobbie: video games

Sport: Karate (shotokan) I'm blue belt now! I kick ass !! Hahahahaha!!!! (not really...^_^;;)

Favourite TV program: Rurouni Kenshin !!! The japanese programs are sooo cool !!!! (with english subtitles, of course)

Favourite movies: Labyrinth (1986), SpaceBalls, Resident Evil (:P), The neverending story (1&2), all the Jurassic Park, all the Star Wars, X-Men, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Critters 2 (lol), Lord of the Rings 1 & 2

Favourite video game: don't ask me's...RESIDENT EVIL CODE:VERONICA X, OF COURSE!!!! THAT GAME RULES THE WORLD!!!!

Favourite video games series: Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, The legend of Zelda, Turok, and more...

Favourite video games characters: Claire Redfield (RE), Steve Burnside (RE), Irvine Kinneas (FF), Danielle Fireseed (Turok), Sheik (Zelda), and some others that don't come up in my mind...

Favourite anime (manga): Rurouni Kenshin

Favourite singers or bands: Tina Turner, David Bowie, Hear'say, Aerosmith, Linkin Park, Enya, Enrique Iglesias, Rikki, Our lady peace, Love Inc.,...

Favourite food: SUSHI !!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 3rd 2004

Okay, here're the stupid questions:


Which movie did I watch yesterday?: The Lion King 1½ (Funny!!) and Tremors 4 (...kind of...boring..)

My favourite song for the moment: Humm...let's's a song from Evanescence...damn, what is the title already??? *brb* Got it ! "Imaginary" by Evanescence. Yup...(I'm stupid...)

What time is it?: 9:22 pm

What was the weather today?: Warm (4°C)

Who's the hottest guy in the showbusiness? (for the moment): Johnny Depp !! Yeah, that guy turns me on ! (just kidding ! lol) But, I think he's a good actor as well as being really hot!

What did I eat tonight?: Shrimps white sauce on favourite meal...

What am I eating now?: Nothing.

What am I drinking now?: o.O;...fruit juice...100% pure...gaaaaah !! am I sick or what ???

What am I doing now?: Writing those stupid things again, again and again in my profile...

What will I do tomorrow?: It will be one year that I get out with my boyfriend ^_^ I love you, Rey !!!

Do I think people are bored to read my stupid questions?: YESHHHH!!!!!

Wednesday, March 3rd 2004

Okay, here's some news about some of my fanfics.

No...I didn't give up on my fanfictions...but yes, I stopped writing for a looooong time. Well, I had that stupid and big-ass school project and other stuff to do. I went to Costa Rica and blah blah blah...I DIDN'T HAVE THE TIME TO WRITE !!!

But, I posted on , an original story that I wrote for a project. It's a fantasy story, nothing compared to Resident Evil. But, I think it's good. Well, read it if you're curious or if you're addicted to my gorgeous talent or writer (sarcastic here...)

Oh well, I'd like to write a new chapter to one of my RE stories tonight. I just hope that I won't fall asleep on my keyboard...

Hmm...that was all for the news about my fanfics. Don't forget to LEAVE A REVIEW after you have read my fanfics, please. *does her puppy eyes*

Okay, if you have any comments, questions or suggestions, just write me a little e-mail and it will be a pleasure for me to answer them !! ;)


-Claire Burnside267
(author and webmistress)

Moon Tears Chronicles reviews
"Earth" is rotting. People are dying. Nutari, one of the Earth's moons disappeared. Kalt and his friends must find the nine spririts of the Great Sages of Nutari to save their world.
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 2 - Words: 3,742 - Reviews: 1 - Updated: 3/3/2004 - Published: 3/1/2004