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*smiles* Even after I swore that I would never touch with a ten-foot-clown-pole again, I'm here. Don't you just love my broken promises? I guess it's just that now that I'm writing again, I need SOMEWHERE to put my stuff. *sigh* Alright, so I can't post my lovely *Nsync fics anymore. I'll deal with that. I've still got my other stuff, and now that I've rewritten my longest fic, I can put that up. I'll take down the original version, it's an embarressment to me. O.o; I'm rewriting Fire, Fang, and Arrowhead as well. But I'm not sure I'll post it because I sorta killed off Pojo . . . Jeeze, that's two alter-egos in a row. What is the world coming to?

I'm not going to post my poems / songs anymore, *shakes head* Don't ask me why, they just sucked. Anyway. I've scrapped ALL of my old fanfictions, because I'm only going to rewrite . . . My Poke'mon fic . . . I've already rewritten my MMX fic, I need to start writing my Chrono Trigger fic at some point . . . Because I plotted it a little less than four years ago and never did anything with it. I have my FF7 fic that needs to be de-cheap-ised, then I have my Guantlet Ledgends / Zelda Crossover that I scrapped COMPLETELY and I'm rewriting it without the help of the old one. The only things that are the same are the characters and setting. Maybe I'll ghost the old plot . . . maybe. I went REALLY deep into character developement this time. I've been doing that lately.

Bye for now. I hope you enjoy my fics. ^.^;; ~ Artemis-Chan, 1 / 22 / 03

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