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Become my guide
Lead me away from my misery...
Save my sanity

I failed you and led you astray,
Now you haunt me when I gaze,
At the rose you entrusted to me...

In the depths of pen and paper will my soul ever be released...

A little bit about myself...XD

Other Featured Works:

Disenchanted Romance- if you wanna read some of my fan-fiction pieces XD

Alone in my sorrow
I weep for your campanionship
When will my heart ever learn
Our romance was never meant to be

Rhodolite - if you wanna see some of my artwork XD

Let me brighten your day,
By bestowing onto you,
The pure pink stone,
That symbolizes our romance...

What I love to write...

Short stories/Prose

Favorite Hobbies:

writing (big whoop)
listening to music
tarot reading (getting better at it!)

Favorite Type of Music:

Pop/ Pop Rock
Spanish Rock
Spanish Pop/ Pop Rock
Classical/ Opera (it has its moments!)

Favorite Band(s)/ Artist(s):

-Marco Antonio Solis- possibly the sole artist who inspired me to write! =D
--My Chemical Romance! - hands down, the best band I have ever heard :D - I adore them! -thanks for making great music guys! XD
--Atreyu! - introduced to by a fellow rock fanatic XD -incredible style and music...but...MCR!!...I really can't decide u.u
-Afi- recently became a fan!
--Breaking Benjamin!- a powerful, raw and attention grabbing band
--Evanescense!- a beautiful blend of sweet and darkness XD
-Blaqk Audio!- heard their song and immediately became a fan! XD
--Paramore!- another awesome band! -a nice balance of "fun" and "hardcore" in their music style :D
--Panda!- the best alternative band I've ever heard in spanish
-Flyleaf!- a sweet haunting band...absolutely lovely!
--Sixx: A.M.!- another dark band, in my opinion XD
--12012!- awesomeness! XD
-Edith Piaf! -she has such an incredible voice T.T
--Avenged Sevenfold! -I'm starting getting into their music! :D
-Framing Hanley!

(better yet, they're all awesome! XD)

Favorite Books/Stories/Plays/etc.:

The Phantom of the Opera- by Gaston Leroux
Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”
Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew”
Shakespeare's "Othello"
Shakepeare's "Macbeth"
The Scarlet Letter- by Nathaniel Hawthorne
The Blithedale Romance- by Nathaniel Hawthorne
The Great Gatsby- by F. Scott Fitzgerald - I was upset towards the end! T.T
Frankenstein- by Mary Shelley
(I would highly recommend that you read the book first before seeing the movies; the movies don't do justice to the beauty of Shelley's book u.u)

Favorite Anime Show(s):Inuyasha!

Trinity Blood! -tie with "Inuyasha"
Le Chevalier D'Eon! -
saw the first episode and immediately fell in love with it! (tie with "Inuyasha and "Trinity Blood")
Naruto! -
tie with "Inuyasha", "Trinity Blood" and "Le Chevalier D'Eon"
Romeo x Juliet- AWESOME! -
tie with my major favorites! XD
The Vision of Escaflowne! -amazing that they have the tarot cards as a plot device; tie with "Inuyasha", "Trinity Blood", "Le Chevalier D'Eon" and "Naruto"
Utena Revolutionary Girl! -
I believe that's what the title translates into; a very different and theatrical anime; tie with my other major favorites
Yu-Gi-Oh! Gx!
Vampire Princess Miyu!
Princess Tutu!
Utawareumono! (not sure if I spelled it right)
Jubei- Chan!
Legend of Himiko!

Posted Works

Dusk to Dawn- my first poem posted on fiction-press!
-romance/love poem-~done!~

Equilibrium- a song inspired from My Chemical Romance's "I Don't Love You;" it was a geometry assignment that I prized despite what my teacher said...XP
-spiritual (wasn't sure where to file it under) song-~done!~

Disenchanted Romance- another poem based on a personal experience...T.T (;D)

Claret Death- a poem inspired probably from some novelas and songs; I am not really sure where I got the idea from...XD

Future Pieces

Poems- basically any poems that come into my head. XD
-most likely romance poems-
Expected due date: Any time soon...XD

A Poem For My Beloved- Striving artist and poet, David, falls for the daughter of the richest family, Bellflower, in Victorian Great Britain. The only way he can communicate with her is through the poems he sends to her, anonymous of course. His problems? Her father will not allow him to come near her and a rival claims that he is the one who sends her the poems.
-romance/love/drama original fiction-
Expected due date: 04/12/08

10 Random things about me XD:

1. My favorite words are “crud!” and “damn”- an alternative for my past “sailor talk” u.u
2. I call everyone “dude!”- yeah, I’m told that “dude” refers to guys, but I say heck, we’re all humans, what's the difference (aside from gender)! XD
3. I hate fish! Even though my mom tells me that it tastes like chicken, I won’t eat it!
4. I am a green-eco-person! Come on, let's help save the Earth! :D
5. I daydream that my thoughts are inspired from the philosopher in me. Sometimes I wish I was...u.u
6. So what if I look emo or punk-rock!
7. I can be stubborn at times…XD
8. I have a weird sense of humor…can’t tell you how many times I made a fool of myself when I’m the only one laughing. X.X
9. I stink at video games, but heck, I still love to play them! T.T- my bro adds on to my résumé by killing me every time we play the “Inuyasha” video games
10. Music is my life! - I honestly can't live without it! XD

Hope I shed some light on a little bit about me! :D

…So long and goodnight… (-MCR’s “Helena”)

-Disenchanted Light

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