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Hi! I'm pandafoot. I'm here because I love writing more than food.

I'm a total nerd; Star Wars, Star Treck, Lord of the Rings. Don't get me started on manga. Really. And I have a keen love for astrophysics, tall socks, and military jackets. I also like fast things. Like cars.

As for my stories.

Yes, rather important. This will make the stuff in my little library down there a lot clearer. The breakdown:

I have 2 finished novels, then a couple others that I'm working on. I nickname my novels, since I'm bad with titles. The reason there are so many oneshot stories that seem connected in my library is because I don't write in order --I write in bits and peices, then sew them together Actually, I highly suggest this for finishing a story.

1. The Calcunai Years - Made up of four parts with four separate protagonists. Spans from the middle ages to the 1960's. This is a prequel to Sub-Arctic Sky.

2. Sub-Arctic Sky - Finished. The novel I've been working longest on, and the one I'm least fond of. Love story with a twist of fantasy, set in the Canadian wilderness. (because I can)

3. Dear Ruben - the entire thing is a letter from Lucer Fehlil to Ruben Brown. About a high school senior who accidentally befriends a little part of God.

4. Pancakes in Berlin - my only non-fantasy. A group of people who meet and live together in Berlin, Germany, and are forced to confront their feelings about bonds of blood and the kind of bonds you make in a shitty apartment by the S train.

5. Lost Generation - About a spy sent on what was supposed to be a simple, boring mission as punishment for messing up her last one. In Moscow, she finds more than she bargained for. As she uncovers secrets, she realizes more and more just how far she'll go to hide them again. Involves fantasy because I can't help myself.

6. God Complex - total bastardization of Greek myths for my own purposes. Also explains the origins of all my weird species. First in the loose series of The Calcunai Years, Sub-Arctic Sky, and Barefoot in the Galaxy.

7. Barefoot in the Galaxy- about 500 years from now, a continuation of the stories of some of my longer-lived characters. The sci-fi I've been waiting to write since I was a toddler. It's the sequel to The Calcunai Years and Sub-Arctic Sky, and is a journey through space in hopes of ending some old prejudices and bad blood between the remnants of the Calcunai and The Pliad (see species).

8. DEAR GOD DON'T LET ME WRITE THIS DAMN STORY NOW - A story that came without any bidding. Life on Earth after most people have left for space, and earthies are the hillbillies of the solar system. Unfortunately, now that very few people care what goes on down on Earth, they've had a bit of a zombie invasion. Written as a diary.

9. Untitled - Tyler is a slacker uni student who's about to attach a new meaning to the word heritage. That sort of thing happens when your biological father was part of the Pliad, a group of shapeshifters out to kill a species called Calcunai, which just so happens to be what his dad is. Also, his girlfriend might be trying to kill his adopted father, he's met Ganymede and the guy isn't very helpful, and his best friend keeps stealing his porn mags.

Series (In a VERY loose meaning of the term):

1. God Complex 2. The Calcunai Years 3. Sub-Arctic Sky 4. Untitled (Tyler's story) 5. Barefoot in the Galaxy


I have about six. I counted just now. (and then there's Tyler, who's a mix D:)

1. Humans. Regular old humans.

2. Calcunai. Basically, humans with a mutation (since they can crossbreed). They've evolved the ability to take energy directly from other life forms without the annoying necessity of consuming them. Tend to have other talents involved in the manipulation of of atoms' or molecules' properties. They also have a protective magnetic field surrounding their bodies, though it can be turned off at will (with practice)

3. Titiniai. Not humans, closely resemble them. Think close relatives, like Neanderthals.

4. The Pliads. Originally from another Universe which was accidentally implanted in our own. They don't have to obey our laws of physics, and cannot be killed by anyone but each other. Shapeshifters. There are only seven of them.

5. Angels. This is a misnomer, really. They live in a smaller "pocket" universe next to ours which was once part of ours but pinched off a while ago. They live in the atmosphere's of planets.

6. God. A race of beings that make up God. They're in our sister universe, and modeled ours after theirs.

Please ask questions if confused, or just curious!

Alright, find me under the same name on livejournal, deviantart, fanfiction, Den of Angels, gaia... I'm all over :D (and I take art commissions on DevART and DoA -- I'll draw your characters if you want)



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