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Hello. My name is Luna Zalentine. I write mostly poetry, and maybe a few stories. I hope you enjoy your stay here, and please leave any constructive criticism you want on my writing. I want to be able to improve, and your advice helps!

I suppose you want to learn more about me, eh? Yes, that must be the reason you're reading this! Well, I'm still a young writer at the age of 15, turning 16 in May. I've been writing since before I could actually write, I drew pictures of my story and made adults write the words I made for them. So I guess I can say I've been writing my entire life! People think I'm rather freaky-looking, since I've made my own style that I find hard to really describe. But to those who've ever seen me in real life, don't worry, I'm super-nice and just love hugs!

There are a few things I like doing besides writing. The number one thing I like to do is laugh, and hearing other people laugh. I also love talking to my friends, even if we don't really talk about much. They're the sole reason I enjoy my life so much, and when something upsets them I get pretty depressed or ticked off at what's bothering them, or both. I have done, and will continue to do anything for my friends. Apart from that, I like music, I will listen to any genre of music but I'm picky about the songs I like. Right now I'm in love with The Cruxshadows. I also like anime and manga, but the characters I like are usually very unpopular. I'll also openly admit that I think Bo-Bo-Bo is funny. There, I said it. If you throw things at me I'll just use Jelly as a shield... Oh, and I'm also a huge fan of Jhonen Vasquez. He never fails to make me laugh until I explode into a raging fit of mad joy and rabid chickens.

You're still here? Am I really that interesting to you?

Wow, I'm flattered. But, this profile is over. Sorry.

Maybe you can read some of my stuff now?

Thank you!

What I've Never Understood About God by cowpops reviews
It begins with a shower. Rated T for semi-mature mentionings and whatnot. Nothing huge or anything. CnC if you are in the mood.
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When friendships must grow apart, there seems to be little you can do, except promise not to forget each other.
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My Smile reviews
I wrote this for my boyfriend, and I intend to send it to him. My friends think it's cute. Maybe it'll remind you of a special someone too.
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I don't know what's wrong or right anymore. I'm not sure if I should just let them yell and walk all over me, or do something about it. I have to make a choice, but I don't know what to do.
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So much pressure, so much anger, so much abuse, from someone. It reminds me of a hurricane.
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Waiting in the Snow reviews
I stood out in the freezing cold, so cold I was in pain. I was waiting for a man, because he was the only man I thought was worth waiting for. Based on a true situation. Please review! Thanks you.
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When your history is so terrifying that it haunts your every peaceful, waking moment, you need to escape. A way to forget about the horrifying moments in your memory. It's time for your breathing exercises.
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Even though it isn't clear what you're supposed to do in life, and even if things look big and scary, as long as you have a friend or someone you love, you can make it through together! Yeah! So here we go!
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Somewhere, in a world far from ours, is a race of intelligent beings that we don't believe exist. Which is okay, because they don't believe in us either. What happens when our worlds cross paths and some people are forced to face their greatest fears?
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A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you're fast asleep. But in all of my dreams, my heart breaks. What is that supposed to mean?
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Are you looking at the stars too?" She wondered sadly. They twinkled overhead, but their glimmer seemed so cold to Amelia. Nothing was right in her heart since… well… she rather not think of it.
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The Butterfly reviews
I'm not used to this style of poetry, so your input would be nice. This poem is about my life, and how I feel with PTSD. If you can relate, or would like to talk to me about it, feel free to. I'd love it. Please review!
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Long Distance
Isn't it funny how when someone who means the world to you, whenever you're separated, even the most crowded room feels empty? A poem about him... how I miss him so much and how nothing can express everything I feel inside.
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Things I Am reviews
As I grew up, people tried to push me down. This is my comeback.
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A tribute to Sarah Winchester and her famous haunted mansion.
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Robert lives in a happy-go-lucky 1950's sitcom world. But what happens to him when he suspects that his life is not as dandy as he thought? Dark humor twist at the end.
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Hold me, I'm shaking, with nowhere else to go. This is a song I wrote about the experience of salvation. I hope others enjoy it.
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There is someone out there that deserves your love more than anyone else, despite the little things that people think is wrong with them, what you may think is wrong with them. Read this and I will tell you who that deserving person is. Enjoy.
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Love, Your Zalentine reviews
What's hopelessly romantic, sweet and poetic, but undead? Not a zombie, nor a valentine. A Zalentine! This poem is a little insight to what my name means and stands for.
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Just how I feel about Valentines Day. If you really love somebody, you'd show it to them more than once a year.
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I was having a latenight brainstorm, when I looked into my mirror. I remembered when I used to think there was another land on the other side of the glass. This is a different style of poetry, and I'm not used to it, so any concrit at all would be helpful
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I miss someone so very much... and this poem came to me one night as I was going to sleep. I was having trouble that night because there was so much on my mind. If you love someone so much that it hurts you, read this.
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And one day I'll buy you flowers With a card, that says in black: I'd love to be your Sally If you'd like to be my Jack
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Can you hear me now? The sky is clearing up Can you see me now? Why aren't you waking up? Can you feel me now? I'm holding onto you Your eyes are so empty And I don't know what to do
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Tell me if it's just me Or does it feel cold today? Could this all be a dream? Cause the world seems far away I hear laughter in the wind But it seems so swift to die Wonder if that's how it's always been And I've been careless to realize
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