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Puffle the Profile

Hey Everyone! Welcome to my Puffle the Profile! Yea, I actually called my profile Puffle. Hey, it needs a name. Lol. So, if you wanna know about me, just scroll down and you'll find out!

Name: Lexy. Nice name, huh? Full name is Alexandra Angel...can't give you my last name. Lol.

Nicknames: X, Y, A, L, Alex, Angel, Xandra, Lizzie, Randa, Elfa, Amy(Only my parents called me that.), Puffle(My friends called me that!!!) and many more. If you're asking about Lexy. It's suppose to be a nickname but it's not. It's my main name second with Angel even though it's my middle name but my friends called it a nickname

Eyes: Bright saphire-carribean eyes.

Age: 14 October 1989...if you wanna know my age, DO THE MATH!!! Lol. I'm 17 going 18. Yep, my sweet sixteen party was actually...lame...

Location: Everywhere...where my heart suppose to be...

Religion: Christian obviously. I'm half islam, baby!

Horoscope: Too bad...I really wanna be Leo since it's the bravest but anyway, my one is Libra. So lame...but it's still good!

Food: Any pizza as long as it doesn't have that much vege on it and Oreo or Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream!!! Yum!

Japanese Animation: Yes, I do love it! InuYasha, Card Captor Sakura, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Naruto, Magic Night Rayearth and many more.

Music: Anything if it is not rap! It's not that I hate rap. I just don't like it when it is a song that they use with rap. I like the talking kind of rap. The one with no music background. Songs normally depends on my mood, but normally, it doesn't.

Stories: Umm...I'm doing a story/series and it's called Psychic Lizzie. It haven't been posted yet.

Summary: Lizzie has this one secret that no one knows except her family and her best friends. She is psychic. She can see the future of what will happen next. Her friends, Raven and Dean are sometimes involved with what Lizzie predict. Like when Raven sang a very high note for auditions at the school auditions which was teach from Lizzie's aunt and when Raven sang, the judges glasses broke. Or when Dean was playing a trumpet for music class but suck in the teacher's wig itself. Life like being a psychic is hard work. But it's always great when you have great friends who's always with you! But a secret crush, lovers form...what will happen and who are they?

Another story/series that I'm currently doing but haven't post yet is called Breaking Free.

Summary: Lizzie, Raven and Dean has this one secret only their parents knew. And that is being the most famous band Breaking Free. I school, they are the freaks that walk around the halls. But in being famous, they are the famous band. In school, they also have a band called Waiting Hours and the best band in their school. It's hard enough to keep it a secret. But it'll never be hard if they just kept their mouth shut! Things happen, rivals, lovers form, confessions, more secrets and...a crush that Lizzie have been keeping a long time but only Raven knew about this crush of it her best friend Dean?

Another Story currently doing but haven't post yet too is called Equal to the Enemy.

Summary: Being the enemy to your crush, is hard work. You need to stopped staring at him, blush around him and do whatever things that proves you like him. Even if it means to miss your enemy as he was your best friend before. Once he was your enemy, he treats you like dirt and called you a loser. But inside, you know he don't meant those things. Inside, he's still your best friend and you want to get him back. But wait, what caused him to be your enemy by the way? A fight? Oh, I bet. But with all your friends beside you and helping, you surely can get him back!

I'm using the same characters cause' it's much more easier doing a story with the same characters. Lol. But some, I'll not used the same names.

Future stories? Oh, yes!

Happy Ending: After all he had done to me. After all he had hurt me. He wants us to be friends! How could he. Cheated on me and wants us to be friends...I didn't. I didn't let him explained everything. I don't need to hear it from him. I've already saw it with my own eyes. I didn't do anything to him. I can't believe he did this to me. Since I didn't let him explained, he wants us to be way. This isn't...this isn't...a happy my life...

Drip-Drop: It's not happening. He can't do this too me. He...he use me. To just get his ex-girlfriend back...My feelings change. Why is this happening to me? Every time the rain come, my life will turn around. Things will go wrong. This is impossible. He's the one responsible, he knows that I'm emotional and still he breaks my heart. Let's make no mistakes. He's making me feel sorry for myself. For my own heart. Why do I need to fall for him...when he comes, rain will fall. Music...need music to be better. Drip drop, when will my heartbreak stops...

When There Was Me & You: I swore I knew the melody. That I heard you singing. And when you smile you made me feel, that I could sing along. And then you went and changed the words. Now my heart is empty. I'm only left with used-to-be's. And once upon a song...We were so happy together until he said something I didn't want him to say. I can't believe it. I thought that he was the one. How wrong was I? But why do I still have this feeling?

Could It Be: It's kinda funny he was always there right beside me. Now I've opened my eyes and saw that he's always with me...helping me...saving me. I've never knew. I've been too blind. Could it be...Who would ever thought that we'd end up here? Could it be that it's true that's him? Today's the start of the rest our lives. Could it be that's it's real? Could it be that I'm falling for him? Could it be real? We've never imagined. Now I know...that's him.

I Will Learn To Love Again: Dear readers, what can I do when my boyfriend cheated on me and I've promised to never love again. I've kept the promised but a boy came and took my heart. Am I going to be heartbroken again or is this boy the right guy for me? What about the promised? And I promised myself I just wanna break free! And I promised myself even though it don't always go easy. Gotta learn from my pain. Never explain.../ I will learn, to love, to love again. love again, to love again...

Whatever Will Be: Finally, I've learn to say whatever will be. I've never take this before. Once you broke my heart, I'm ok. I know that you didn't mean it and whatever will be, will be. I'll just take the good, bad and just breathe. All I need to do is say 'Whatever will be'. It's easy...right? But I can't take this all the time. You always broke my heart but I can't dump you. I always think about you and one part of my mind says 'Broke up with him!' My heart says 'Stay close with him. He can be the one. Whatever will be, will be'. Which one should I choose? Heart or mind? This is just confusing...

What Time Is it: High School is almost over and the gang is going to be surprised with their new life that is coming up. When the gang first met, they need to sing karaoke. It was shocking that they realized they can sing. They never thought about it but became friends-best of friends. They were really surprised that they are going to be in the same school. When the drama teacher-Mrs. Darbus-pulled on a school musical, they signed up for it but did they made the right choice? Troy Bolton-School's Basketball Captain:Gabriella Montez-President of the School's Scholastic Decathlon Team:Sharpay Evans-Queen of the Drama Club and best friends with Gabriella:Ryan Hail-Best friend of Troy and in one of the best basketball player:Chad Danforth-Best friend of both Troy and Ryan and one of the best basketball player:Taylor McKessie-Leader of the Scholastic Decathlon Team and best of friends with Gabriella and Sharpay. All of them are different-All of them are the same-All of them are together-All of them unite as one...forever...but what do this mean? Different? The same? They are different but yet the same. Singing-Same. Dancing-Same. Acting-Same. Basketball Player-Different. Nerd-Different. Queen-Different...but when lovers form, confessions are made, rivals appeared...they hope they made the right choice but when they are together...everything will be alright!

No One: She's no one, guys! She's just a girl. Amber is no one. I'm just using her to see what it's feels like to date a nerd. A nerd, guys! Do you even think I'll fall in loved with a nerd???I could just forget about her! She's not important than you all! You're my team and we're together. Now, are you all positive? I can't believe his nerve! I thought he's a great guy. And a I that ugly? I have no braces, glasses and anything else that proves I'm a nerd. Maybe...maybe he is right. Who wants to date a girl like me? No one one...

The stories are real I always use songs to make a good story. Lol.

Breaking Free - High School Musical(Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens)

Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne

Drip-Drop - Vanessa Hudgens

When There Was Me & You - High School Musical(Vanessa Hudgens)

Could It Be - Kim Possible

I Will Learn To Love Again - Kaci Brown

Promise - Vanessa Hudgens

Whatever Will Be - Vanessa Hudgens

What Time Is It - High School Musical

No One - Aly & Aj (For this, I'm just using the title. Lol. But hear the song if you like!)

Still There For Me - Corbin Bleu and Vanessa Hudgens

Midnight Highway - Daphne Loves Derby

Beautiful Soul - Jesse McCartney

True To Your Heart - Raven Symone/Lion King 11

Yea, and for the stories, I have the faces. Lol. Really, when I want to make a good story. I need this 2 things.

1) Music. Songs. I need them. It'll be more easier 'cause you can take out the words from the songs and put it in the story.

2) Faces. Lol. Yea, faces. Celebrity faces I might add. Ha-ha. When I dream, I sometimes have an idea for stories and it's like a movie. In my dream, I'm like watching a movie but it's my story. It's always like that. And the celebrities are my fave and they are a beauty and hott!!!! (For the boys, duh! I'm a girl! Live and learn!)

I'm doing another story name Beautiful Soul. Here are the character's faces. Ha-ha. They are all celebrities and my favorite!

Chrissy Carlson - Vanessa Hudgens - Vanessa's Online Website

Jesse Collins - Zac Efron - Zac's Online Website

Ashlyn Adams - Ashley Tisdale - Ashley's Online Website

James McKessie - Jesse McCartney - Jesse's Official Website

Rachel Hopkins - Miley Cyrus - Miley's Online Website

Jared Stones - Riley Smith - Riley's Online Website

Lindsay Lohan - Lindsay Lohan - You know her!

Haha, they are all my fave except for Lindsay. The ones that know each other well are Vanessa, Ashley and Zac. Vanessa and Ashley are best friends. Vanessa and Zac are a couple. I like Miley too. I love the show Hannah Montana and that's how I know her. Not know her like I met her. Lol. Riley? I watch the movie New York Minute and saw him so done. Lol. Jesse? Of course you knew him already! Don't need to answer. Lol. For Lindsay...she's the bad one in this story. Wanna know why I made her bad? Because I hate her! She always thinks about herself and she even stole others boyfriends!

Stories Percent.

Psychic Lizzie Chap 1 - 100 Percent. I've finished!

Beautiful Soul - 83 Percent

Midnight Highway - 100 Percent

True To Your Heart - 100 Percent

What Time Is It - 24 Percent. Yea well, this is my future story but I'm just trying it out to see if you all will like the story. It you do, then I'll continue on with the chapters and everything. I have a good feeling for this one! So, yea set?

Oh, and yea, I'm doing another story that I didn't put up here yet, so, I'm going to stop a little for the other stories that I put here. The story I'm doing is called Midnight Highway. I really have a good feeling for this story. It inspires me and I really hope you all will like it!

Oh, I'm gonna make some changes for Psychic Lizzie, put it on HIATUS too, I don't have any ideas! And for the other stories I'm doing, I am going to update that later because I want to make another story! Yea, it's stupid. I actually have time to make stories. A lot of stories. I have make another story and some of the words are in Japanese but don't worry cause' I will give you what the meaning is, of course! LOL. And it has like demons and priestess


Quotes between me and my friends of Funny Moments and the Thinkin' Moments

Khairil: (He's is my bestest-best friend ever) Lexy! Where are you?

Me: I'm up here! (Khairil looked up and shook his head) Help me get down!

Khairil: You are an idiot, you know that? When you're skate-boarding, no climbing trees to get fun. Ok, now hold still. (He grabs my legs and put it on his shoulders.) Ok, now let go.

Me: (I closed my eyes tightly and let go of the branch. Then, I found myself on the ground with no shoes).

Khairil: You, know. You should really tie this. (Pointing at my shoes that were on his shoulders)

Fatinah: Wow, this Mangrove Swamp is so cool!

Me: You actually like this place? With bugs, bees and swampy areas?

Fatinah: Well, if you didn't like this place then why are you here?

Me: I want to enjoy the scenery here. The smell is so refreshing. I thought it'll be so nice here but no. Bugs flying here and there and the worst part is, it's so swampy!

Fatinah: Well, it is called the Mangrove Swamp!

Me: What the hell are you doing?! (I looked at Priya, my best friend, who was hitting a table.)

Priya: I'm killing an ant! (Still hitting the table)

Me: You're not even killing it! You killing the table instead!

Priya: I'm trying to make it go away and jump!

Me: Look, Mr. Tay is going to be here any minute! He will be asking us what's wrong because instead of doing our work, we're hitting a table!

Priya: You think it's easy? How bout' you try!

Me: (I looked at the ant who was crawling it's way around the table. I was about to hit it but it kept going away.) Whoa, this ant is fast.

Priya: Told ya! Now, anybody who has a newspaper?! (She shouted and Khairil came.)

Khairil: Here, I don't need it anyway, it's quite boring except the water-sparks at this place in Singapore. (He hand Priya the paper while he looked at what she's going to do with it.)

Priya: (She rolled up the newspaper and hit it hard on the table. She do it repeatedly, and again, and again until Mr. Tay came.

Mr. Tay: What are you all doing?

Priya: (She stopped hitting the table and weakly smile at him.) Killing an ant?

Khairil: Ok, it's like this. (Then he started dancing and singing. Don't worry, he's really good. Lol) We're doing the bone dance, you study the answers, again and again till' we get it right. We're doing the bones dance, you dan-

Me: That's Bone Dance by Hannah Montana.

Khairil: Yea, so?

Me: Well, we need to make up our own dance for this competition! And hello? The judges are Disney knowers, so if we copy this dance, we'll get eliminated! You want that?!

Khairil: No but you say I need to help! Then I'm helping. Can't you see it here?!

Me: Yea, sure. But can you make it more realistic?

Khairil: This is the only one I know.

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