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"Mama, I don wanna go ta Grammy's house - she's scary!"

"Hush, dearie...just pretend to know what HTML is and she'll be happy."

This is what my niece's house will sound like in 50 years. I'll be living in my nice small house with my 20 dogs, all named Bubba, typing away at an ancient HP computer, using good ol' XP while muttering to myself about Dreamweaver and Photoshop. My niece will be living in a nice high-rise apartment with her daughter, who will both hate coming to my house because I never say anything, except how good ol' HTML used to be. And wondering aloud if I fed Bubba XVIII this morning.

Anyways, hey y'all! My "faux" name is Isabella, but I prefer to be called Sissi - derived from the nickname of Empress Elisabeth of Austria. Yes, I know that if I wanted it to be accurate it would be Sisi, but I really don't care. I like the two S's. Some people say I look like the Empress and share similar qualities - we both have extremely long brown hair and we're both sharp in our character and wit.

BTW, my real name IS NOT Isabella/Sissi. I have a very unusual first name and go by Sissi to avoid people asking my real name. Sorry folks.

Random facts:

I love watching figure skating. My favourite pair are Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov ('cause death doesn't stop love).

I cannot stand fruit candies. Only caramels and chocolates.

Photography is my passion. I will oogle over a beautiful photograph for hours - now if I could just get that class with my dad...

I'm from an extremely close family. Our biggest dream is to return to our home town and see our cousins again.

I am a NASCAR girl. I only get to watch the Daytona 500 (God Bless Dale Earnhardt - #3 forever), but when I am watching it you cannot stop me from yelling.

I am taking AP media at a more advance level than anyone in my class and I am the Queen of the Programming class.

My boyfriend owns a college-level astronomy textbook. And understands it. The sad part is that I understand it too.

Age of Empires is my anti-drug.

I do ballroom dance - I placed FIRST in intermediate waltz!

When I'm stressed out, I plan weddings. Which is extremely sad.

The more boys I meet, the more I LOVE my dog.

I apparently have an obsession with cows. Or I hate them. No one's quite sure which.


Biggest dreams:

1. Go to University to become an Elementary School French Teacher.

2. Buy a B&B on Prince Edward Island.

3. Buy an old house in France and renovate it.

5. Write a novel, get it published.

6. Find out what happened to #4

7. Teach at my old elementary school.

8. Have 20 dogs named Bubba, and two cats: Sir Finkelstein and Sgt. Fuzzyboots.

9. Have a little girl named Rebecca Jessie. 'Cause it's such a pretty name.

My favorite TV shows and movies are: The Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons... uh... Passchendaele...

Hobbies: Web Design, RPGs, Photoshop, Singing & Having fun with dogs.

Fav. Books: The Constant Princess, Pride & Prejudice... anything to do with Imperial Russia...

Fav. Band(s): I'm pretty eclectic in my music tastes - Anything from Hey Romeo & Brad Paisely to Rush & 3 Days Grace.

Fav. Quotes:

"It is not evil which conquers evil, but only love..." ~ Olga Nikolaevna

"I have you under arrest under the charges of looking so damn good. Whatever you may say now could be used as evidence back at my place for dinner." ~ An RP char

"I'm not being prejudiced, I'm just stating my opinion that it sucks." - Lee's ghost re-born

(talking about baby names for girls)
"Jim, but I'd spell it RICK so they'd be "Hi Rick" and she'd go "it's pronounced Jim". That would be a horrible thing to do...to my daughter." - Lee's ghost reborn

(talking about cannons to Lee's ghost reborn)
"I'll load YOU in it, Lee, and set it off, uniform and all. You know what that's called? Confeddi." ~ eyes-of-a-hawk (Rach)

(talking about our god-awful voices)
"We should record an album together, you and me. 'Chicken And Child, On Tour.' Bluegrass genre." ~ eyes-of-a-hawk

If you are fat, then please think about the true and deeper reasons why you are fat. If you are a cat, then please think about the true and deeper reasons why you are a cat. ~ bluealien23 on Youtube.

Think of a name that starts with "blonde"! ~ My sister. Yes, she is blonde.

My suggestion is take your dog/cat/rather large animal, such as a cow. It's worth the money, doesn't complain in your ear, and the girlfriend won't mind if you take it out.
Ever been out partying with a cow? ~ Me.

"Lee is the drunk uncle of this rp"
"You're just an Off-Topic freeloader, Lee." ~ Rach & Lee. Check out OT in Regency RP to see why this is funny.

"I know nothing about childbrith, except it hurts a lot and bringing a video cammra and saying 'smile honey' is a death sentence." ~ Lee

"I demand a proposal scene!"
"I demand a girlfriend but let's not shoot for the impossible." ~ Me & Lee.

Have you are been so sleepy you're like drunk? That's what it was. ~ Guess Who? Lee.

"It's the words to our song."
"The Meow Mix song?" ~ Mr. T & I.

Sixteen pounds of Monterey Jack and the continent of Australia!

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