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I’m currently writing a book series that resolves around a group of elementals and their struggles with dealing with corrupt Elders, and their own tragic pasts. The first story, called "Raven" has been completed. I am working on the second one at the moment. *UPDATE AS OF 2/27/13: The Shadow of the Light is now on HIATUS* (Damn you writer's block!!) However, I may have secretly started another story but under a different username, called "We are One, and I am Many." Here is the link: http://www.fictionpress.com/s/3104214/1/We-are-One-and-I-am-Many

Update: Here is the link to the site where I am posting my stories. I'll still be on this, just not that often. :

Characters (May contain spoilers only for first story)

Fedor: An 18-year boy who is supposedly a mortal – someone with no elemental powers. He is calm, smart, curious, and also the rational one of the group, but on a downside, very impulsive. Though he gets scared in battle, he is always willing to risk his life to save his friends. He prefers to reason with his enemies before resorting to violence. Fedor has a peculiar connection with Celeste, the Goddess of Judgment and Death. He knows little about his childhood.

Eric: An arrogant but brave 22 year-old young man with the elemental power of air. Though he jokes a lot, especially with Kate, he is serious in battle and experienced. He is somewhat narrow-minded and rude with his friends, but he is shown to be a great leader. He has a troubled past in which he buries deep within him, but shares with Ellen.

Kate: A 21 year-old young woman with the power of earth. She is also a Reader, someone who can sense another elemental’s aura that can tell her what element he or she is. She is easily angered but shows a motherly side towards her friends. Despite being an earth elemental, all she is able to do is conjure flowers, which Eric is always teasing her about. In battle, she uses a dagger and shows remarkable skill with it. She displays a love/hate relationship with Eric, who is oblivious to this.

Raven: A powerful, mysterious young woman with a tragic past. She is known to be the only fire elemental but curiously demonstrates dark powers as well. She speaks with little to no emotion and is short-tempered. Many fear her presence due to her destructive powers and merciless behavior. She is the founder and leader of the Red Serpents.

Ellen: A 20 year-old young woman who is a member of the Red Serpents. She has the power of telepathy and is also able to temporarily absorb other powers. She is a dark elemental but, ironically, is very cheerful and optimistic. It is said that she has trained under Raven, whom she respects and admires deeply, but questions her morals.

Bast: A 35 year-old man who is second-in-command of the Red Serpents. He is a large, burly and strong man who is well-respected among his fellow members. He has a strong voice and his physical strength surpasses even Raven's. Like Ellen, he shows strong admiration and respect towards his leader. He is also a dark elemental, but he focuses on physical attacks rather than his dark powers.

Hunter: One of the five Elders who has not been corrupted. His primary element is water, but mostly fights with ice. He looks around his 20s but he is actually a couple thousands of years old. He is modest, brave, patient, and compassionate. He is against killing but will always raise his blade towards wrongdoers, most specifically, Raven.

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