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Author has written 23 stories for Sci-Fi, Romance, Fantasy, Supernatural, Essay, and Thriller.

Update: I'm not really posting on here anymore due to trying to keep stories private because of "Well you put this on the internet and even though there were like ten hits, we're considering this a reprint" issues.


The Siren's Name: Marcell Thenalium had long wanted a steady life complete with a home that didn't drift with the wind and a girl that didn't leave with the morning, but in her dreams it had never come with a half-dead arm and a crown that tied her down. A strange rescue on the high seas leads to royal intrigue, love, and a ball that will see the beginning of a new age in Thenalium.

Flesh Trail: Sequel to Ash Road. Parker Bell is now one of the most famous necromancers in the world. After dealing with the mass zombie rising that led to Operation David, a mass exodus of Jewish zombies who wanted to pay one last pilgrimage to the land of Israel, she's ready to return home and go back to her "day job" of raising the dead for money. Now she's been brought in as a consultant to raise a thousand-year old warrior mummy for a local museum, but the problem is that the mummy's soul is already haunting the museum. Can you raise a body with its soul nearby, even though they've been separated for over a millenium? Parker doesn't know, but a soul trapped in a decaying body might be the worst kind of hell, and such a zombie might want to share its pain.


The Phoenix Tree: Jareth finds herself afflicted with the curse that only comes to one person every twenty years and leaves them (and all too often a good number of her fellow villagers) dead. It comes and recedes with a thick, unnatural fog that cuts off most travel out of the village when the curse reaches its zenith. Like many Cursed before her, Jareth wants to find a cure, but to do that she's going to have to find the spirit of the woman who changed the curse into what it is in Jareth's day. But the cure, like truth, can be subverted like any other, especially when the followers of the Sun God are involved.


Please note that the prefix on an summary of -FF-, FF, or whatever combination including "FF" encased in whatever two punctuation marks that Fictionpress is accepting that day, denotes a story with lesbian content.

Ashes, Dust, Skin, The Frog King, and Twelve are all in the same continuum. Dust picks up right where Ashes left off, and Skin occurs before, during, and after both Ashes and Dust. Twelve is a sequel to both Skin and The Frog King.

Ash Road is the first book in the Parker Bell series. It is followed by Flesh Trail, Blood Highway, and Organ Alley.

Published work:

Ashes was published in Digressions Literary Magazine's Winter 2006 issue.

Mirror Mary was published in Strange Shores in 2007.

Bones was removed in 2011 and republished in 2014 because it was published in the Fall 2011 issue of Subtext Queer Arts Magazine.

Good Mourning Publishing included Fire on Babylon in its anthology, Accessible Love Stories in 2012, which includes six stories about romance between wheelchair-bound characters and the non-disabled people who fall in love with them. If you read my writing for the same-sex romance, three of the six stories in the anthology are about same-sex couples, though mine is the only lesbian couple.

Published as Jade Black:

Good Mourning Publishing has included Skulls, a lesbian superhero story in its Powerless Against You superhero anthology in 2014. Mine is the only lesbian pairing, but the rest of the stories are about evenly divided between gay male and straight pairings.

Lloronacita was published in the Halloween Haiku II anthology in 2014.

The Replacement was published in the Zen of the Dead anthology in 2015.

Lupus Auxilium was published in Lupine Lunes in 2016.

Corpse Road was published in the Midwinter issue of Three Drops from a Cauldron in 2017.

Geas was published in the Elves and the Shoemaker themed issue of Enchanted Conversation in 2017.

Oathbreaker will be published in the Beneath Yggdrasil's Shadow anthology in 2018.

The Replacement will be published again in 2018 in an anthology called Buried.

Corpus Delicti will be published in 2018 in an anthology called MCSI -- Magical Crime Scene Investigation.

Your Emergency will be published in 2019 in an anthology called Mind Candy 2.0.

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Flesh Trail reviews
Parker Bell is now one of the most famous necromancers in the world, but she's ready to go home and back to her "day" job of raising the dead for money. Now she's being asked to raise an ancient mummy for research purposes, but its soul is already haunting the museum. Can you raise a body with its soul nearby, even though they've been separated for over a millennium? Lesbian.
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